Thursday, May 2, 2013

Weird Pictures Of Famous People From Albuquerque

Steven Michael Quezada (from TV's Breaking 
Bad) is looking slightly homeless here.
"Brother, can you spare a crime?"

Alisa Valdes (author of The Dirty Girls' Social 
Club)  is on the fence about whether she 
should  let you onto her property. You look
 like a shady character, if you ask her.

Al Unser, Jr. (racecar driver) wants to see what happens
 when you chant his name three times in succession. 
Arian Foster (NFL player) bets he could have
stayed on longer than 8 seconds if he hadn't
 eaten that last pulled pork BBQ sandwich.

Bill Daily (from TV's I Dream Of Jeannie
The Bob Newhart Show) is fully
prepared to bust out your subwoofers with
his mad bass-playing skills. Yeah, boyee!

Demi Lovato (actress/singer) – she's the one on the right, by the way –
loves getting smoochie from hideous-looking monsters. Except for that
time she dated one of the Jonas Brothers. She made an exception then.

Don Alvarado (assistant director/production manager
of classic films such as
The Treasure Of The Sierra
, East Of Eden, and Rebel Without A Cause)
– that's Don on the right – wasn't really
"differently abled," he just liked to make fun of
people who were. At least he did in this picture.

French Stewart (TV's 3rd Rock From The Sun)
likes to hang out with his imaginary friend.
He calls him Paco, and feeds him Cheez Whiz.

Madolyn Smith Osborne (Funny Farm, Urban 
Cowboy) likes to eat as obnoxiously as 
possible. She's hoping that it gets her noticed
 so that maybe someday she'll actually 
have  a career in films again. Maybe.

If you were the founder and CEO of a megamillion-dollar
website like, you'd probably also cut a rug much
like the one Jeff Bezos is cutting here. And bathe in hundreds.

Jay Roach (director of three Austin 
Powers movies and countless other hit 
comedies)  likes puppies, long walks on
 the beach, and staring down at you 
from the upper level of the shopping mall.

Neil Patrick Harris (TV's How I Met 
Your Mother) thinks he's matador-able
 in  this crazy get-up. Personally, 
I think that's just a load of bull.

After this near-death experience, golfer Notah Begay III is never going
to teach a kid to play the game of golf again, not in a million years, no
matter how much you pay him. Not even if you say "pretty please!"

Child actor Seth Adkins (Titanic, Bad News Bears)
 is not going down without a fight. He has all his grown-up
 teeth now, and he's not afraid to bite his way out
 of this or any other life-threatening situation.

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