Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things I Find Fascinating: Symphonic Metal Music

When it comes to music, I've never been that much of a metalhead, per sé, though I do appreciate that there are quite a few metal bands out there making some good music. One branch in particular of the heavy metal family that does "float my boat," so to speak, is symphonic metal. To quote from Wikipedia, symphonic metal is "heavy metal music that contains symphonic elements – that is, elements that are borrowed from other music genres (i.e. classical music, progressive rock) but usually with more keyboards or acoustic guitars and typically an operatic female lead vocalist." Such is the case with most of these bands. While not all of the music created by these bands would always be considered symphonic metal, or even heavy metal for that matter, these songs are some good examples of the genre. Enjoy!   ~  JH

1)  Nightwish  ~  "Sleeping Sun"

2)  Apocalyptica ft. Lacey Sturm (of Flyleaf)  ~  "Broken Pieces"

3)  Evanescence  ~  "My Immortal"

4)  Epica  ~  "Unleashed"

5)  Therion  ~  "Summernight City"

6)  Visions Of Atlantis  ~  "New Dawn"

7)  Almora  ~  "Tilsim"

8)  Within Temptation  ~  "Memories"

9)  Delain  ~  "April Rain"

10)  Leaves' Eyes  ~  "My Destiny"

11)  Sarah Jezebel Deva  ~  "The World Can't Hold Your Hand"

12)  Edenbridge  ~  "Higher"

13)  Xandria  ~  "Save My Life"

14)  Rhapsody Of Fire  ~  "Sea Of Fate"

15)  Dark Moor  ~  "Love From The Stone"

16)  Kamelot ft. Simone Simons (of Epica)  ~  "The Haunting"

17)  Sonata Arctica  ~  "Paid In Full"

18)  Serenity  ~  "Wings Of Madness"

19)  Versailles  ~  "The Love From A Dead Orchestra"

20)  Amberian Dawn  ~  "He Sleeps In A Grove"

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