Friday, June 7, 2013

Giraffe Music

A couple of days ago, as part of my baker's dozen of "Good" songs, 
I posted this video of Chris Malinchak's "So Good To Me." 
In the video, a little girl befriends a giraffe, plays hide-and-seek 
with him, then proceeds to take him home with her.

I'm not gonna lie to you: this simple yet wonderful video warmed my
heart, and reminded me how much I really love giraffes. With that in
mind, today's post will consist entirely of songs which either feature
a giraffe prominently in the video, or are actually songs about giraffes, 
or have the word "giraffe" in the titles, or are performed by bands with
the word "giraffe" in their names. Random, I know, but whatever...

1)  And The Giraffe  ~  "Underground Love"  (A super-chill, acoustic guitar-driven pop song with Sting-ish vocals)

2)  Giraffage & XXYYXX  ~  "Even Though"  (There isn't much of a song here, but the video is trippy, and becomes even more so if you dare to place your finger in the middle of the screen at key moments – I tried it – my head hurt, but it has recovered)

3)  Kim Wheeler  ~  "The Giraffe Song"  (This quirky yet talented Scottish singer wrote and performs this cute song, from the perspective of a giraffe who aspires to do things he's not physiologically able to do)

(Video wouldn't load properly – 
click link below to view)

4)  The Hush Now  ~  "Vietnam Giraffe"  (The title seems to be completely unrelated to the lyrics, but this jangle-rock anthem is good for a listen)

5)  Zebra Mountain  ~  "Giraffe High Priest"  (This is probably one of the worst songs I've ever heard – and I've heard plenty. The "singing," the "music," all of it, is just horrible. Worse yet, based on the few lyrics that I could actually understand, these guys appear to be a "Christian screamo band" – I don't recommend watching the video, but if you do, at least you were warned of its suckiness)

6)  Brad Paisley  ~   "Southern Comfort Zone"  (This memorable song features Paisley rocking out with a giraffe in the [zoo?] [jungle?] Either way, it's awesome!)

7)  The Still Life  ~  "Giraffe"  (A power pop/punk rock song with a decent vocalist is hard to come by, but these guys seem to have found one – don't have a clue what the song has to do with giraffes, though)

8)  Curly Giraffe  ~  "Water On"  (I can't understand even half of the lyrics to this song, and the video makes almost no sense whatsoever, but the music's pretty chill, so I can dig it)

9)  The Flaming Lips  ~  "This Here Giraffe"  (This is kind of a dumb song by an otherwise good band, but it does make me wonder – what would a giraffe laugh sound like?)

10)  Zebra & Giraffe  ~  "Sons"  (Never heard of this band before, but they call themselves the names of two of my favorite jungle animals, so they're alright by me! Pretty good-sounding song, actually)

11)  Steam Powered Giraffe  ~  "Honeybee"  (This is a really weird video [cool-weird, I might add], but the song and the singers are absolutely fantastic! Let's make it a double, shall we?)

12)  Steam Powered Giraffe  ~  "Brass Goggles"  (So theatrical! Such great singing and music! I'm an instant fan!)

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