Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Songs By Bands With "Brothers" In Their Names

I had a lot of fun putting this post together, especially since there are so many good "Brothers" bands to choose from. As with most of my music posts, there's a mix here of classic songs, more modern hits, and some rather obscure (but really good!) gems. I haven't yet decided whether or not if I'm going to follow this up with a "Sisters" bands post. Knowing me, I probably will. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  The Statler Brothers  ~  "Flowers On The Wall"  (I first heard this song on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, of all places – good stuff!)

2)  Brooklyn Brothers  ~  "Come On Girl"  (One of the two "fictional bands" on this list which originated from a film then became an actual band...)

(The video wouldn't load properly, 
but this link should take you to it)

3)  The Blues Brothers  ~  "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love"  (...And while we're at it, here's the other one)

4)  Dove Brothers Quartet  ~  "Get Away Jordan"  (I'm not a fan of Southern gospel music, but I know a lot of people who are...if you fit that description, this one's for you)

5)  Jonas Brothers  ~  "Pom Poms"  (I bet I'm the only idiot in the entire world who would follow up a Dove Brothers song with one by the Jonas Brothers...oh, well!)

6)  The Avett Brothers  ~  "I And Love And You"  (Now we're getting to the good stuff! This one's for you, Leigh Ann Cordes!)

7)  Everly Brothers  ~  "All I Have To Do Is Dream"  (Pure pop magic!)

8)  The Chemical Brothers ft. Noel Gallagher  ~  "Setting Sun"  (And now for something completely different...)

9)  The Doobie Brothers  ~  "Listen To The Music"  (Yes, please do!)

10)  Yoshida Brothers  ~  "Kodo"  (Call this a musical curveball...and swing away, 'cuz it's awesome!)

11)  The Bacon Brothers  ~  "Unhappy Birthday"  (In case you're wondering, yes, this is actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael, with a tribute to the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack on its ten-year anniversary)

12)  The Isley Brothers  ~  "Shout"  (You know you make me wanna...)

13)  The Allman Brothers Band  ~  "Ramblin' Man"  (An all-time classic)

14)  The Righteous Brothers  ~  "Unchained Melody"  (So is this one!)

15)  The Bellamy Brothers  ~  "Let Your Love Flow"  (This one's not half-bad, either)

16)  The Flying Burrito Brothers  ~  "If Something Should Come Between Us (Let It Be Love)"  (This song's title gets me thinking that maybe I should do a collection of songs with ridiculously long titles...and yet I wonder...have I already done that before?)

17)  The Walker Brothers  ~  "Love Minus Zero"  (Never heard of these guys, but they're not bad; and Bob Dylan's lyrics sound good coming out of anyone's mouth...except Dylan's, that is)

18)  Cary Brothers  ~  "Ride"  (Cary is the one guy on this list whose actual name is Brothers – he's a one-man show, no siblings required)

19)  Brothers Johnson  ~  "Strawberry Letter 23"  (Because we were WAY overdue for a funk song; one YouTube user aptly described this video: "Afros and Chaps. BOSS!" Couldn't agree more!)

20)  The Abrams Brothers  ~  "Northern Redemption"  (I could listen to these guys all day! Never heard of them before, but they're fantastic!)

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  1. Pretty good list. Here's a couple more:
    Cornelius Bros. and Sister Rose
    Chambers Bros.
    (Bee Gees - Brothers Gibb)