Monday, June 24, 2013

Songs By Ladies Named Maggie

There's no particular reason why I decided to do this post, other than the fact that I stumbled upon a lovely song by a singer named Maggie on YouTube and thought: "I've got to find some way to include that in a post." And it just snowballed from there. I won't tell you which song inspired the post, because any of these is good enough to have done so on its own. Anyway, there's only 12 songs this time, so I didn't go too overboard like I usually do. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Maggie Sajak  ~  "First Kiss"  (Yes, this is Wheel Of Fortune host Pat Sajak's daughter)

2)  Maggie Reilly  ~  "Every Time We Touch"

3)  Maggie Rose  ~  "Better"

4)  Maggie McClure  ~  "Good Morning And Good Night"

5)  Maggie MacNeal  ~  "When You're Gone"

6)  All About Maggie  ~  "Spin Your Lies"

7)  Maggie Gabbard  ~  "Just Wait And See"

8)  Maggie Thorn  ~  "Gravel Road"

(Video wouldn't display properly – click link below:)

9)  Maggie Rogers  ~  "On The Page"

10)  Maggie Koerner  ~  "Cayute Woman"

11)  Maggie Bjorklund  ~  "Wasteland"  (Okay, so she's not a singer – but what an instrumentalist!)

12)  Maggie Malyn  ~  "Me And You"

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