Monday, June 17, 2013

Songs By Polish Pop Stars

On this blog in recent months, I've explored the popular music of Iceland and Finland, among others. Therefore, it only felt natural to tackle Poland's pop music next – specifically, that of its female pop stars. Don't try to follow the logic, because there really isn't any. Just enjoy some good music – some of which is even sung in English!  ~  JH

1)  Ala Boratyn ~  "Don't Believe Them"  (Poland's answer to Avril Lavigne)

2)  Ania Dabrowska  ~  "Nigdy nie mow nigdy"  ("Never Say Never")  (Powerful vocals, catchy tune...'nuff said)

3)  Agnes Pihlava  ~  "I Thought We Were Lovers"  (Robust hard-rock instrumentation and strong vocals – think of her as the Polish version of Heart)

4)  Anna Maria Jopek  ~  "Don't Speak"  (A fresh, jazzy take on a classic No Doubt song – it sounds completely different, but in a good way)

5)  Basia  ~  "Cruising For Bruising"  (A classic early '90s pop song in this country – if you're old enough, I'll be you even know this one!)

6)  Doda  ~  "Electrode"  (The Polish Lady Gaga, apparently)

7)  Edyta Gorniak  ~  "List"  ("Letter")  (Wow! I heard this song, and thought, this is exactly like Celine Dion, only in Polish – turns out, this song is a Polish-language reworking of Dion's "I Surrender"...and Dion is a fan of Gorniak's! Go figure!)

8)  Ewa Farna  ~  "Monster High"  (Think Britney Spears or Katy Perry, without all the immodest attire)

9)  Ewelina Flinta  ~  "Zaluje"  ("Regret")  (Impressive vocals, even if I don't understand any of the words)

10)  Ewelina Lisowska  ~  "Nieodporny Rozum"  ("Fragile Mind")  (Pleasantly edgy, P!nk-like power-pop)

11)  Gosia Andrzjewicz  ~  "Zabierz Mnie"  ("Take Me")  (A solid R&B/pop offering)

12)  Kasia Cerekwicka  ~  "Ksiaze"  ("Prince")  (This lady is TOUGH! The song's pretty fierce, too!)

13)  Kasia Gomola  ~  "Czekam"  ("I Look Forward")  (A beautiful, straight-forward pop song whose tune sounds vaguely familiar)

14)  Alexandra  ~  "Poplyniemy Daleko"  ("We Will Sail Away")  (Lovely electro-pop song)

15)  Sasha Strunin  ~  "Zaczaruj Mnie Ostatni Raz"  ("The Last Time You Put A Spell On Me")  (Hauntingly beautiful, somewhat sad, but remarkably well-sung)

16)  Sylwia Grzeszczak ft. Liber  ~  "Mijamy sie"  ("We Pass")  (Nice R&B song with powerhouse vocals and some Polish rapping – because, why not?)

17)  Mandaryna  ~  "Good Dog Bad Dog"  (In the same musical vein as Ke$ha, with the same amount of quirky charm, but this lady actually has some style – i.e., doesn't look like she got her wardrobe from a landfill)

(Video wouldn't load – just click on the link below:)

18)  Monika Brodka  ~  "Krzyzowka Dnia"  ("Crossword Day")  (Quirky song and video, with equally quirky – but good! – vocals)

19)  Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz  ~  "Czy komus jeszcze wstyd?"  ("Is Anyone Else Embarrassed?")  (Odd song...odd video...yet oddly catchy!)

(Yet again, a video that won't load!
Click on the link below to view it:)

20)  Renata Przemyk ~  "Jakby nie mialo byc"  (Beautifully composed and sung, with a seemingly meaningful yet utterly intriguing video concept)

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