Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"Hot" & "Cold" Songs

Because I seem to be on an "opposites" kick when it comes to music posts, here's another one. Enjoy? ~  JH

1)  Betty White ft. Luciana  ~  "I'm Still Hot"  (She still is, too...even at 91 years old!)

2)  Meg Myers  ~  "Cold"

3)  1987 Calgary Flames  ~  "Can't Touch A Flame When It's Red Hot"  (For non-sports fans, the Flames are a professional hockey team – and apparently, 25 years ago, they thought they could sing...)

4)  Current Swell  ~  "Too Cold"

5)  Katy Perry ft. Elmo  ~  "Hot N Cold"  (Despite its never actually having aired on Sesame Street, this version is much preferable to Perry's original song.)

6)  Janelle Monae  ~  "Cold War"

7)  Keith Urban  ~  "Long Hot Summer"

8)  Hammock  ~  "Cold Front"  (Don't hold your breath for the lyrics – there aren't any – but what an instrumental!)

9)  The Wiggles ft. Jamie Redfern  ~  "Hot Poppin' Popcorn"  (I can't even believe I'm posting a song by The Wiggles!)

10)  Typical Cats  ~  "Bitter Cold"

11)  Kool & The Gang  ~  "Too Hot"  (I can hear you singing along...just so you know...)

12)  Joshua Hyslop  ~  "Cold Wind"

13)  Buster Poindexter  ~  "Hot Hot Hot"  (What a dreadfully silly song...and dreadfully catchy, too!)

14)  Hank Williams, Sr.  ~  "Cold Cold Heart"  (For all of us old-school country music fans...)

15)  Led Zeppelin  ~  "Hot Dog"  (Not your typical Led Zeppelin song, but not bad...)

16)  Annie Lennox  ~  "Cold"

17)  LaToya Jackson  ~  "Hot Potato"

18)  Paloma Faith  ~  "Stone Cold Sober"

19)  The Sylvers  ~  "Hot Line"

20)  Adele  ~  "Cold Shoulder"  (Seeing as this is Adele's 4th appearance – so far – on my blog, you might have already guessed that I'm a big fan...)

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