Monday, July 22, 2013

Songs By Talented Twenty-Year-Old Singers

It doesn't get any more random than this! As advertised, the following is a collection of songs by up-and-coming singers who just happen to turn 20 years old at some point during this year. Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  Shane Harper  ~  "Dancin' In The Rain"

2)  Victoria Justice  ~  "Gold"

3)  Emmelie de Forest  ~  "Only Teardrops"

4)  Alyssa Reid ft. P. Reign  ~  "Alone Again"

5)  Shiloh  ~  "Operator (Girl Like Me)"

6)  Miranda Cosgrove  ~  "About You Now"

7)  Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller  ~  "The Way"

8)  Cher Lloyd  ~  "With Ur Love"

9)  Keke Palmer  ~  "The One You Call"

10)  Jasmine V  ~  "Jealous"

11)  Scotty McCreery  ~  "I Love You This Big"

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