Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Songs With Articles Of Clothing In The Titles

Here goes another dumb idea I had recently. Good songs, though, for the most part. Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  Kings & Conmen  ~  "Tinfoil Hat"

2)  the Summer Januaries  ~  "I Like Your Hat"

3)  FLASH/LIGHTS  ~  "Scarves"

4)  Charlene Kaye ft. Darren Criss (of Glee)  ~  "Dress And Tie"

5)  Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z  ~  "Suit & Tie"

6)  Willow  ~  "Sweater"

7)  The Material  ~  "Life Vest"

8)  Foxes  ~  "White Coats"

9)  Blitzen Trapper  ~  "Girl In A Coat"

10)  Cake  ~  "Short Skirt/Long Jacket"

11)  Jenna Rose ft. Baby Triggy  ~  "My Jeans"  (This song is an exception to the "good songs" rule – it's awful! But it's so awful that it's entertaining!)

12)  Mara Hruby  ~  "The Panties"  (Honestly, I can't figure out where this song gets its title – panties are neither seen nor mentioned at any point during the video)

13)  DEV  ~  "Dancing Shoes"

14)  Dido  ~  "Sand In My Shoes"

15)  Elvis Presley  ~  "Blue Suede Shoes"

16)  George Jones  ~  "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?"  (Indeed, who's going to fill George Jones' shoes? I'm not sure anyone can!)

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