Monday, July 8, 2013

Songs With "Come" In The Title

Every now and then, I will hear or remember a song that I really like and want to post in a blog entry, but I can't think of any logical reason to include it. In such cases, I will typically come up with some ingenious (read: asinine) idea to force the song onto the blog no matter how ridiculous the concept. Case in point, this post: a collection of songs with "Come" in the title. That being said, there are several really good tunes here. The final song – which was sung at my wedding – was the one that inspired the post. All things being equal, tomorrow's post will consist of songs with "Go" in the title. Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  Seven Lions ft. Fiora  ~  "Days To Come"

2)  Echosmith  ~  "Come Together"

3)  Selena Gomez  ~  "Come & Get It"

4)  Metallica  ~  "The Day That Never Comes"

5)  Dexy's Midnight Runners  ~  "Come On Eileen"

6)  Kimbra  ~  "Come Into My Head"

7)  KONGOS  ~  "Come With Me Now"

8)  Kadavar  ~  "Come Back Life"

9)  Hilary Duff  ~  "Come Clean"

10)  Seal  ~  "A Change Is Gonna Come"

11)  The Beatles  ~  "Come Together"

12)  Melissa Etheridge  ~  "Come To My Window"

13)  Smash Mouth  ~  "Then The Morning Comes"

14)  Nirvana  ~  "Come As You Are"

15)  Styx  ~  "Come Sail Away"

16)  Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman  ~  "Come What May"

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