Thursday, October 31, 2013

Songs For Halloween

Happy Halloween! I know this is a controversial holiday for some, and not everyone chooses to celebrate it. But I'm not one of those people, so here goes a collection of Halloween-themed songs. In most cases, the song isn't intended to be a Halloween-oriented song, it just happens to have a word in its title that could be associated with this most ghoulish of days. Enjoy! (Or don't. It's all the same to me.)  ~  JH

1)  Ne-Yo  ~  "Beautiful Monster"

2)  The Cranberries  ~  "Zombie"

3)  Michael Jackson  ~  "Ghost"

4)  Eagles  ~  "Witchy Woman"

5)  Annie Lennox  ~  "Love Song For A Vampire"

6)  Imagine Dragons  ~  "Demons"

7)  Matchbook Romance  ~  "Monsters"

8)  Panic! At The Disco  ~  "It's Almost Halloween"

9)  Tegan And Sara  ~  "Walking With A Ghost"

10)  Family Force 5  ~  "Zombie"

11)  Donovan  ~  "Season Of The Witch"

12)  Skillet  ~  "Monster"

13)  The Citizens Of Halloween  ~  "This Is Halloween"  (from The Nightmare Before Christmas)

14)  Fefe Dobson  ~  "Ghost"

15)  Red Sky Mary  ~  "Red Witch"

16)  Paramore  ~  "Monster"

17)  Jonathan Coulton  ~  "Creepy Doll"

18)  Queens Of The Stone Age  ~  "Burn The Witch"

19)  Yeah Yeah Yeahs  ~  "Skeletons"

20)  Lindsey Stirling  ~  "Phantom Of The Opera Medley"

BONUS TRACK – Bobby Pickett  ~  "Monster Mash"  (What Halloween song collection would be complete without this campy gem?)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Songs By People Named Jason And Mary (Not Us!)

Here's a collection of songs by people who share the same first names as me and my wife. Why? I don't know. Don't ask me hard questions. Just enjoy the songs!  ~  JH

1)  Jason Mraz  ~  "I'm Yours"

2)  Mary J. Blige  ~  "Be Without You"

3)  Jason Derulo  ~  "Whatcha Say"

4)  Mary Hopkin  ~  "Those Were The Days"

5)  Jason Aldean  ~  "Dirt Road Anthem"

6)  Mary Mary  ~  "Shackles (Praise You)"

7)  Jason Gray  ~  "Remind Me Who I Am"

8)  Mary MacGregor  ~  "Torn Between Two Lovers"

9)  Jason Sturgeon  ~  "Simple Life"

10)  Mary Lambert  ~  "Forget Me"

11)  Jason Michael Carroll  ~  "Hurry Home"

12)  Mary Chapin Carpenter  ~  "Passionate Kisses"

13)  Jason Reeves  ~  "Helium Hearts"

14)  Miss Mary  ~  "Open"

15)  Jason Cassidy  ~  "What If"

16)  Mary Margaret O'Hara  ~  "Body's In Trouble"

17)  Jason Crabb  ~  "Somebody Like Me"

18)  Mary Gauthier  ~  "Mercy Now"

19)  Jason Castro  ~  "Only A Mountain"

20)  Mary C And The Stellars  ~  "Love Automatic"

Monday, October 28, 2013

Words You Can Make Using Letters From The Word "Hairspray"

ASHY:  Used to describe skin that is so dry that it looks gray.*

HIPS:  Apparently, these don't lie.

AHA:  An exclamation of triumph, mockery, contempt, or surprise. 
Or, when stylized as "a-ha," a 1980s one-hit-wonder band.

RASH:  A nasty-looking eruption on the skin.

HAIRY:  Covered with hair. Like this guy. Or is that Bigfoot?

HARPS:  Purveyors of beautiful music. And, according
to some, the preferred instrument of angelic beings.

APISH:  Having the qualities, appearance, or ways of an ape.

RAYS:  Sure, they're ugly. But they have a  whole 
baseball team named after them. Do you?

SHARP:  Not dull.

PAYS:  Jobs do. Crime doesn't.

SHARP:  Someone here has a distinct
disadvantage. I'm just not sure which one.

APIARY:  A place in which a colonies of bees are kept, as a stand
or shed for beehives or a bee house containing a number of bees.

SHIP:  A big dang boat. Like this one.

PARIAH:  Any person or animal that is generally despised or avoided.

SPAY:  To remove the ovaries of an animal.

RAP:  A fast, rhythmic monologue spoken over a pre-recorded
instrumental track. Often with explicit lyrics, unfortunately.

PAIR:  Two individuals which are similar in some 
way associated. Like this pretty pair of puffins.

HARPY:  In classical mythology, a ravenous, filthy 
monster having a woman's head and a bird's body.

ARIA:  An elaborate medley sung solo with accompaniment, 
as in an opera or oratorio. Apparently, it's also the name of 
one of the main characters on TV's Pretty Little Liars.

PRAY:  To offer devout petition, praise, thanks, etc. to God.

* All definitions courtesy of,, and my own twisted imagination.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Safe" & "Dangerous" Songs

If, when you saw the title of this post, you thought this would be a post about songs that are safe to listen to with your kids in the room, and conversely, songs that are dangerous for your kids or anyone in general to listen to, you would be wrong. These are just a bunch of songs with the words "Safe" and "Dangerous" in their titles. Didn't mean to confuse you there. Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars  ~  "Safe & Sound"

2)  Roxette  ~  "Dangerous"

3)  Capital Cities  ~  "Safe And Sound"

4)  KJ-52  ~  "Dangerous"

5)  Martina McBride  ~  "Safe In The Arms Of Love"

6)  James Blunt  ~  "Dangerous"

7)  Rivermaya  ~  "You'll Be Safe Here"

8)  Bruce Cockburn  ~  "Lovers In A Dangerous Time"

9)  Anthrax  ~  "Safe Home"

10)  Doobie Brothers  ~  "Dangerous"

11)  Sheryl Crow  ~  "Safe And Sound"

12)  The Who  ~  "Dangerous"

Video wouldn't load properly – click link to view:

13)  Britt Nicole  ~  "Safe"

14)  Loverboy  ~  "Dangerous"

15)  Lisa Hannigan  ~  "Safe Travels"  (Listen closely to the lyrics of this song – if you don't laugh, there's something wrong with you!)

16)  The Cars  ~  "Dangerous Type"

17)  a KING  ~  "Safe As Houses"

18)  First Choice  ~  "Armed And Extremely Dangerous"

19)  Men Without Hats  ~  "Safety Dance"

Video wouldn't load properly – click link to view:

20)  Kenny Loggins  ~  "Danger Zone"  (Okay, so the word "Dangerous" isn't technically in the title, but c'mon, it's the TOP GUN song!)

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Classic Country Songs By Classic Country Singers

I'm feeling nostalgic today, in particular about the kind of music I grew up listening to. Specifically, classic country music. Some things change for the better. Some things just change. One thing that doesn't, though. The old classics are still, well, classic. Take a trip back with me to a time when music was music, when singers could sing live without electronic enhancement, when even sad songs made you smile. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Hank Williams  ~  "Hey Good Lookin'"

2)  Johnny Cash  ~  "I Walk The Line"

3)  Merle Haggard  ~  "Mama Tried"

4)  Jimmie Rodgers  ~  "In The Jailhouse Now"

5)  George Jones  ~  "She Thinks I Still Care"  (BONUS! Video also includes a medley of "Love Bug" and "The Race Is On")

6)  Waylon Jennings  ~  "Good Hearted Woman"

7)  Dolly Parton  ~  "Coat Of Many Colors"

8)  Loretta Lynn  ~  "You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)"

9)  Willie Nelson  ~  "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain"

10)  Buck Owens & His Buckaroos  ~  "(I've Got A) Tiger By The Tail"

11)  Marty Robbins  ~  "El Paso"

12)  Patsy Cline  ~  "Crazy"

13)  Tennessee Ernie Ford  ~  "Sixteen Tons"

14)  Glen Campbell  ~  "Rhinestone Cowboy"

15)  Tammy Wynette  ~  "Stand By Your Man"

16)  Jim Reeves  ~  "He'll Have To Go"

17)  Kitty Wells  ~  "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky-Tonk Angels"

18)  Eddy Arnold  ~  "You Don't Know Me"

19)  Dottie West  ~  "Here Comes My Baby Back Again"

Video wouldn't load properly – click link to view:

20)  Tom T. Hall  ~  "(Old Dogs, Children, And) Watermelon Wine"