Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Baker's Dozen Of Songs With...Well, You Figure Out What They Have In Common!

Seriously, I'm not gonna tell you the theme this time. It's not that hard, really.  ~  JH

1)  ABBA  ~  "The Winner Takes It All"

2)  Keane  ~  "Crystal Ball"

3)  Secondhand Serenade  ~  "Your Call"

4)  B.o.B.  ~  "Don't Let Me Fall"

5)  Robin Sparkles  ~  "Let's Go To The Mall"

6)  Classified  ~  "3 Foot Tall"  (NOTE: The words on the screen are labels that people are unfairly given by bullies and the like – if you take offense, you're missing the point!)

7)  Oasis  ~  "Wonderwall"

8)  The Cyrkle  ~  "Red Rubber Ball"

9)  Kings Of Leon  ~  "On Call"

10)  John Mellencamp  ~  "Walk Tall"

11)  Bat For Lashes  ~  "A Wall"

12)  Mariah Carey  ~  "Whenever You Call"

13)  Miley Cyrus  ~  "Wrecking Ball"  (FYI:  This "Director's Cut" is the family-friendly version)

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