Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Days Of The Week Songs

Here we have a collection of songs with the days of the week in their titles. Consider yourself lucky, dear Reader/Listener. I originally considered making individual posts for each day of the week – with 10 or so songs for each day – and posting them on the actual days that the songs covered. But that seemed excessive, and I lost interest in searching that long and hard anyway. So I ended up doing just two songs for each day of the week. Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  U2  ~  "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

2)  No Doubt  ~  "Sunday Morning"

3)  The Bangles  ~  "Manic Monday"

4)  Carpenters  ~  "Rainy Days And Mondays"

5)  Lynyrd Skynyrd  ~  "Tuesday's Gone"

6)  The Rolling Stones  ~  "Ruby Tuesday"

7)  Crash Kings  ~  "It's Only Wednesday"

8)  Lisa Loeb  ~  "Waiting For Wednesday"

9)  Matt Costa  ~  "Sweet Thursday"

10)  Asobi Seksu  ~  "Thursday"

11)  Eric Paslay  ~  "Friday Night"

12)  The Cure  ~  "Friday I'm In Love"

13)  Steam Powered Giraffe  ~  "Me And My Baby (Saturday Night)"

14)  Chicago  ~  "Saturday In The Park"

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