Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Found" Songs

As promised the other day, here's the second (and final) installment of my "Lost" and "Found" miniseries of "Opposites" music posts. Hope you'll enjoy these as much as you did the last ones. Or even more, if you hated those.  ~  JH

1)  Delerium ft. Jael  ~  "Lost And Found"

2)  Lindsey Stirling ft. Alisha Popat  ~  "We Found Love" 
(Nice cover of a Rihanna song – BTW, Lindsey's the violinist, Alisha's the vocalist)

3)  The Fray  ~  "You Found Me"

4)  The Wanted  ~  "I Found You" 
(I don't really understand the parental advisory here – there's a fight scene and some kissing, but it's far from rated R)

5)  Sia  ~  "Soon We'll Be Found"

6)  Sade  ~  "Love Is Found"

7)  U2  ~  "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

8)  Mariah Carey, Joe, & 98 Degrees  ~  "Thank God I Found You"

9)  Gin Blossoms  ~  "Found Out About You"

10)  Terri Clark  ~  "Now That I Found You"

11)  Saigon ft. Lecrae & Corbett  ~  "Best Thing That I Found"

12)  Late Night Alumni  ~  "Finally Found"

13)  Ashford & Simpson  ~  "Found A Cure"

14)  Honor By August  ~  "Found"

15)  Cher  ~  "I Found Someone"

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