Friday, November 1, 2013

Songs About America...But Not Really

Here's a collection of songs with "America," "U.S.A.," or some similar derivative in their titles, most of which have little or nothing to do with our country. In a future post, I'll put together a group of songs which actually mention America more than just in passing. But for now, this is all you get. Enjoy – or roll your eyes. Both responses could be justified.  ~ JH

1)  Demi Lovato  ~  "Made in the USA"

2)  Beach Boys  ~  "Surfin' USA"

3)  Cimorelli  ~  "Made In America"

4)  Bruce Springsteen  ~  "Born In The U.S.A."

5)  Miley Cyrus  ~  "Party In The U.S.A."

6)  Razorlight  ~  "America"

7)  Victorious Cast ft. Victoria Justice  ~  "Make It In America"

8)  Alice Cooper  ~  "Lost In America"

9)  Bonnie McKee  ~  "American Girl"

10)  David Bowie ft. Nine Inch Nails  ~  "I'm Afraid Of Americans"

11)  Kim Wilde  ~  "Kids In America"

12)  Jedward  ~  "Miss America"

13)  Jimmy Eat World  ~  "Bleed American"

14)  Brad Paisley  ~  "American Saturday Night"

15)  Don McLean  ~  "American Pie"

16)  Lady Antebellum  ~  "American Honey"

17)  Natalie McCool  ~  "America"

18)  Casting Crowns  ~  "American Dream"

19)  Dave Matthews Band  ~  "American Baby"

20)  Electric Light Orchestra  ~  "Calling America"

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