Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Songs About Holding On And Letting Go

And we're back, with a fresh batch of "Opposites" songs. Today, we're offering a vast selection of songs in a variety of genres linked only by the fact that they have either "Hold On" or "Let Go" (or some derivative of the two) in their titles. Enjoy! (That wasn't a request.)  ~  JH

1)  Drake ft. Majid Jordan  ~  "Hold On, We're Going Home"

2)  James Morrison  ~  "I Won't Let You Go"

3)  Alabama Shakes  ~  "Hold On"

4)  Avril Lavigne ft. Chad Kroeger  ~  "Let Me Go"

5)  Wilson Phillips  ~  "Hold On"

6)  3 Doors Down  ~  "Let Me Go"

7)  Twenty One Pilots  ~  "Holding On To You"

8)  Olly Murs  ~  "Please Don't Let Me Go"

9)  Shiloh  ~  "Can't Hold On"

10)  Rascal Flatts  ~  "I Won't Let Go"

11)  38 Special  ~  "Hold On Loosely"

12)  Imogen Heap  ~  "Let Go"

13)  Greyson Chance  ~  "Hold On 'Til The Night"

14)  Linda Kiraly  ~  "Can't Let Go"

15)  Cee Lo Green  ~  "I Want You (Hold On To Love)"

16)  Birdy  ~  "Let Him Go"  (cover of Passenger's "Let Her Go," which I've posted here on the blog previously)

17)  Angus & Julia Stone  ~  "Hold On"

18)  En Vogue  ~  "Don't Let Go (Love)"

19)  Richard Marx  ~  "Hold On To The Nights"

20)  Mariah Carey  ~  "Can't Let Go"

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