Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Songs And Artists With Books Of The Bible In Their Names, Vol. 2

In case you missed it, this is part two of a three-part miniseries, featuring songs and artists with books of the Bible in their names. Last time, I covered Genesis through Song of Solomon. So we'll pick up this time with the book of Isaiah and go forward through the book of Acts. As I mentioned before, it's pretty difficult to track down a song or artist for all 66 books in the Bible. But I've given it my best effort, and these are what I came up with. Again, not all the songs/artists in this collection are specifically Christian groups. In fact, it's likely that there's more of them that are not than are. But I found what I could find, and that's all I can do. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Derek Levendusky & Isaiah Six  ~  "I Will Go"

2)  Jonathan Jeremiah  ~  "Gold Dust"

3)  S.O.  ~  "Lamentations"

4)  Ezekiel Ox And The Fury  ~  "We'll Never Know"

5)  Daniel Merriweather  ~  "Red"

6)  Hosea Hargrove And The RoadRunners  ~  "Woke Up This Morning"

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7)  Billy Joel  ~  "The Longest Time"

8)  Tori Amos  ~  "Cornflake Girl"

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9)  Obadiah Jones  ~  "Beautiful Someone"

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10)  Chasing Jonah  ~  "Run"  (WOW, that voice!)

11)  Micah Stampley  ~  "Never Let You Go"

12)  Nahum Corona  ~  "The Prophet's Presage (Nineveh's Fall)"  (Beautiful jazz instrumental)

13)  Habakkuk  ~  "Thank You Lord"  (These Zambian brothers – no, really, I think they're actually brothers – can harmonize like nobody's business!)

14)  Benjamin Zephaniah  ~  "Rong Radio"

15)  Haggai Cohen Milo Quartet  ~  "For You"  (Another excellent jazz instrumental)

16)  Zechariah Lloyd  ~  "A Change Is Coming"

17)  Carolyn Malachi  ~  "Beautiful Dreamer"

18)  Matthew Sweet  ~  "Sick Of Myself"

19)  Mark Salling  ~  "Illusions"  (Yes, that's "Puck" from GLEE)

20)  Luke Bryan  ~  "Do I"

21)  John Mayer  ~  "Daughters"

22)  Frightened Rabbit  ~  "Acts Of Man"

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