Friday, November 8, 2013

"Young" & "Old" Songs

Here's something new – well, not really. It's another "Opposites" music post. But I've never done these particular opposites before, so there ya go. Sorry, One Direction fans – you won't find the "Live While We're Young" video here. Mainly because the song, despite the fact that it has more than 250 million views on YouTube, is fairly horrible. In this blogger's opinion, at least. Hopefully you'll enjoy the good songs that are collected here, though.  ~  JH

1)  Fun. ft. Janelle Monáe  ~  "We Are Young"

2)  The Judds  ~  "Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days)"

3)  Lana Del Rey  ~  "Young And Beautiful"

4)  The Civil Wars  ~  "Same Old Same Old"

5)  The Naked And Famous  ~  "Young Blood"

6)  Queen  ~  "Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy"

7)  Hollywood Undead  ~  "Young"

8)  Barenaked Ladies  ~  "The Old Apartment"

9)  Brandon Flowers  ~  "Only The Young"

10)  Rednex  ~  "Old Pop In An Oak"

11)  3 Doors Down  ~  "When You're Young"

12)  Blake Shelton  ~  "Ol' Red"  (Ol', not Old – close enough)

13)  Lucy Schwartz  ~  "When We Were Young"

14)  Four Tops  ~  "It's The Same Old Song"

15)  Peter Bjorn And John ft. Victoria Bergsman  ~  "Young Folks"

16)  George Strait  ~  "The Seashores Of Old Mexico"

17)  Laleh  ~  "Some Die Young"

18)  Anna Cate  ~  "This Old Radio"

19)  Slick Rick  ~  "Hey Young World"

20)  Lenka  ~   "We Will Not Grow Old"

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