Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Songs And Artists With Books Of The Bible In Their Names, Vol. 3

Part three of a three-part miniseries, this final post features songs and artists with books of the Bible in their names. The first post covered Genesis through Song of Solomon, and the second post covered Isaiah through Acts. So we'll pick up this time with the book of Romans and go straight on through to the book of Revelation. As previously noted, it's pretty difficult to track down a song or artist for all 66 books in the Bible. But I've given it my best effort, and these are what I came up with. Again, not all the songs/artists in this collection are specifically Christian groups. In fact, it's likely that there's more of them that are not than are. But I found what I could find, and that's all I can do. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  The Young Romans  ~  "Lemon Trees"

2)  The First Corinthians  ~  "Sunset To You, Sunrise To Me"

Video wouldn't load properly – click link to view:

3)  On Corinthians  ~  "Ashglen"

4)  Chris Coleman  ~  "Galatians Chp. 5"

5)  Karen Peck & New River  ~  "Ephesians Chapter One"

6)  Oddie Sloan ft. Ashley Wilks  ~  "Dancing In Philippians"

7)  Andy O'Brien  ~  "Colossians Song"

Video wouldn't load properly – click link to view:

8)  Jack & Laurie Marti  ~  "I Thessalonians 4: 16 - 18"

9)  Thessalonians  ~  "Be Here Now"  (No real video here, and not much of a song either – but there were two "Thessalonians" songs to fill, so here goes something)

10)  Timothy Brindle ft. Shai Linne  ~  "I'm The Problem"  (Also not an actual music video, but a great Christian hip-hop song that needed to be included here)

Video wouldn't load properly – click link to view:

11)  Timothy B. Schmit  ~  "Was It Just The Moonlight?"

12)  Titus Andronicus  ~  "A More Perfect Union"

13)  Bro Philemon  ~  "I'm Thirsty"

14)  The Mountain Goats  ~  "Hebrews 11: 40"

15)  James Morrison ft. Nelly Furtado  ~  "Broken Strings"

16)  Peter Gabriel  ~  "In Your Eyes"

17)  Peter Cetera  ~  "The Glory Of Love"

18)  Elton John  ~  "Your Song"

19)  John Legend  ~  "Ordinary People"

20)  Scatman John  ~  "Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)"

21)  Jude Perl  ~  "Girls & Boys"

22)  Third Day  ~  "Revelation"

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