Thursday, December 5, 2013

Songs With "See" In The Title

Yesterday, I posted a collection of songs with "Wait" in the title. Here you have a collection of songs with "See" in the title. They were supposed to be gathered into one post. But I liked too many songs in the "Wait" category – and, as it turns out, I liked too many songs in the "See" category – to put them all together. So here's part two of two. Enjoy!  ~  JH

1)  Scotty McCreery  ~  "See You Tonight"

2)  Glee Cast  ~  "Come See About Me"

3)  Tonic  ~  "If You Could Only See"

4)  KT Tunstall  ~  "Suddenly I See"  (Due to 8 repetitions of a mild expletive in the chorus of this song, parental discretion is advised – it's still a good song, though)

5)  Marshall Tucker Band  ~  "Can't You See?"

6)  Ed Sheeran  ~  "I See Fire"

7)  Carrie Underwood  ~  "See You Again"

8)  John Fogerty  ~  "Long As I Can See The Light"

9)  Johnny Nash  ~  "I Can See Clearly Now"

Video wouldn't load properly – click link to view:

10)  Texas  ~  "I'll See It Through"

11)  Coldplay  ~  "See You Soon"

12)  Jimi Hendrix  ~  "Can You See Me?"

13)  Krista Siegfrids  ~  "Can You See Me?"

14)  The Dave Clark Five  ~  "Can't You See That She's Mine?"

15)  Brandon Heath  ~  "Wait And See"

BONUS TRACK:  Sara Bareilles  ~  "Brave"  (I really like this song and have been unsuccessfully looking for a way to integrate it into a post for awhile now. Well, the song's chorus repeats the phrase "I wanna SEE you be brave."  That's close enough for me!)

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