Thursday, March 13, 2014

Per Your Suggestion: "Mario's Slimy Pants"

I had the (probably insane) idea yesterday to have my (wonderfully creative) Facebook friends suggest some crazy titles from which I might be able to write (somewhat coherent) stories. 

The response was pretty good (if slightly overwhelming), and I am now committed to the task of coming up with what promises to be some truly weird (probably insane) stuff. That's okay. I'm up for the challenge. (I might as well be, right?) 

First up, an original poem – sorry, not a story, per se, though it does tell a tale of sorts – based on a "crazy title" which was submitted by Cade and Claire Anderson via their mom, Julie Anderson. Hope y'all enjoy this one. If it elicits at least one giggle, it was worth the effort.  ~  JH


Mario sat sneezing, without covering his nose.
Now he's covered in snot from his knees to his toes.

Mario ate a sandwich, peanut butter and jelly.
But he dropped a big glop just below his big belly.

Mario made friends with a slug he called Cap
Now there's glistening trails all over Mario's lap.

Mario would like to change, if given the chance
For he finds that he's now wearing quite slimy pants!

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