Monday, May 21, 2012

13 Poems For Your Perusal: A Half-Cycle Of Alpha Poetry

An interesting condition
You find yourself in
And don't wish to find
Your way out.
Could it be something
You've long dreamed
And hoped for?
There seems to be
No room for doubt.

Buy me a flower
And try to describe it
In words that paint 
Pictures, and phrases
That tell me what love
Looks like. I shouldn't 
Have to see. You can
Talk me through the phases.

Crippled by fear
But wholly unable
To say or do
Anything useful.
There's always maybe
But maybe someday we
Will hear just one "yes"
That is truthful.

Don't be careful
What you wish for
Be careful 
For what you don't.
If you place your hope
In certainties
Then where is the unknown?
Hope, always hope
Even when it seems lost. And
Wait, always wait
Even when it's exhausting.

Expecting a miracle
You wait and do nothing.
It doesn't just happen
You have to do something.
Longing and longing
Is good in the meantime
But what are you doing
To fill the between-time?
It's not a "Give me this
Right now!" transaction.
Stepping out isn't easy
But faith requires action.

Getting even
And staying that way
Is fine for a time
But you find that someday
You want more
You long for it
Praying to God
That somehow
And some way
You can go back
To odd.

Harbor your fugitives
Keep them protected
Just act natural, and
They'll remain undetected.
When the time's right
(You can't be too hasty)
Unfetter tethers and
Release them to safety.

In the interim
Praying, hoping
Waiting, fearing
Weeping, coping
Longing, wishing
Watching, weighing
Reaching, breathing
Hoping, praying.
You can never do
Too much of those two.

Just once
I'd like to see
The good guy
Just once
A happy ending
"The End."
Just once
I'd like to see
The nice guy
Just once
I'd like a case
That isn't
The worst.

Knowing something
Or thinking you do
You probe deeper
Ask harder questions
And expect honest answers.
You know something's up
You can feel it, sense it
But it's like talking to bricks.
Scrolling ticker shows
The same old news
It did yesterday. 
And the day before that
And the day before that.
Sometimes no news
Is good news.
Sometimes no news
Is bad news. 
Sometimes no news 
Is no news.
You shouldn't read
Too much into things.

Look, I'm just trying
To make a living here
I don't want to cause a fuss.
Let's pretend like
Nothing happened
And just keep this
Between the two of us.

Missing what you've never had
Is like pretending good is bad.
You can, at times, convince yourself
That what is not is something else.
But what it really means to lose
Is having – taken – never used
An emptiness, a hollow space
A broken heart and featureless face.
These are things you never know
You missed, until they tell you so.

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