Tuesday, May 29, 2012

13 Poems For Your Perusal: The Other Half Of That Alpha Poetry Cycle From A Few Days Ago...

Nothing personal
Ever stays that way.
Not for long at least.
One person knows
And soon another will
And another, and another.
Soon all will find out
And that's the plan.
But it's not the time
The place, or the
Circumstances yet.
Wait. Just wait.

On my toes
Never knowing
What to expect.
You keep me guessing
Stringing me along.
I'm not complaining
Just pointing it out.
I look for clues, hints
Hidden meanings.
You told me they're there
And I'm searching
But it's not obvious.
If only I could
Translate you.
If only you would
Be more clear.
What are you expecting
Me to notice?

Penny for your thoughts?
But mine are expensive.
And expansive.
In more ways than one.
Pay me a dime
And maybe I'll talk.
Pay me a nickel
And surely I'll walk.
Pay me a dollar
And maybe I'll holler.
Pay me no mind
And I might shed a tear.
Keeping my thoughts
Will get me nowhere.

Quit while you're ahead.
You're fighting
But it's a losing battle.
Fighting doesn't
Make you brave.
Giving up doesn't
Make you cowardly.
There's no shame
In defeat, as long as
You don't feel defeated.
Don't let it get to you.
There is so much
Worth crying over.
This is not. Surrender.

Rain on my parade!
Smile turns to frown
And joy becomes joyless.
I was so excited. But
When you weren't – 
When you said
What you said
When I'd said
What I'd said
And I heard
What you said
I was sunk.
Thanks a lot!
I was counting
On you for support.
Now I'm counting
The days till
It's done.

Special delivery –
Is this for me?
I didn't order it.
I wasn't expecting
To receive anything.
I placed an order
Long ago, but that one
Was canceled.
Apparently, they
Were out of stock
Or it had been shipped
To the wrong address
Or something like that.
But this? Now?
Are you sure you've
Got the right house?
I can see that it 
Has my name on it
But I don't know
Why they've sent it.
I guess I shouldn't ask
That question. I should
Take what I've been given
And simply say "thank you."

This is me
Acting natural.
As though
There's nothing
To hide.
As though
It's all
Out in the open.
This is my clown mask
Meant to distract.
Are you distracted?
This is my poker face
Meant to confuse.
Are you confused?
This is the substance
Of things hoped for.
Do you believe?

Uphill battle
Raging on
Can't yet see
The top
Pressing forward
Ever climbing
Hoping not
To stop.

Vague references to
What, exactly?
I see what they're
Trying to say – 
Sort of. It could be
Much clearer
But then again
I don't think that
They want it to be.
A little mystery
Goes a long way
Towards frustrating
And alienating all.
I doubt that that's
What they're intending.
But then again
Who knows?
We'll see how it goes.

When all is revealed
Will you even care?
Or will you just pretend
That I'm not even there?
When it's all on the table
What, then, will you say?
Congratulations? Sorry?
Or will you simply walk away?

X raided the fridge
To feed his hollow leg.
He wasn't particular
He'd eat anything – 
With or without a face
Green, red, or lavender.
If it had calories
And preferably grease
He'd have seconds
And maybe thirds.
X wasn't the healthiest
Fellow you've ever met.

You can say that again –
No, really, say it again!
I didn't hear you the first time.
Well, actually I did, but
I just wanted you to repeat it.
Hearing it out loud 
Makes it seem more real.
Whisper it this time
Where only I can hear it.
Yes, that's it. Once more?
Thank you! There's so little
Good news these days that
I'll take all that I can get
And I'll never tire of reruns.

Zero tolerance for stupidity.
You're old enough to know better
To act better – to be better.
Act your age, not your shoe size.
While you're taking responsibility
For your actions – I'll be over here
In the corner, holding my breath.

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