Monday, May 7, 2012

Poems For Your Perusal: More Alpha Poetry

After my own heart
Stops beating
None of this will matter.
Decisions that seem
So monumental now
Will crumble
In a moment.

Bite the bullet, and
Do what you must.
Dreading it doesn't
Make it happen.
Putting it off only
Delays the inevitable.
You may hate it now
But you'll thank yourself later.

Cast the first stone of blame
At your own feet. You think
Because it hasn't happened to you
That it can't, and it never will.
Be careful what you prophesy
You could very well be next.

Decent people win by being decent.
They get ahead through perseverance
Never giving in, and standing by convictions.
What world am I talking about again?
That's alright. Who needs to win anyway?

Every time I think about you
I think about myself
And how close I came
To becoming like you.
Whew, that was close!

Faster than you've ever seen
He runs in one place
Harder and harder he pushes
And yet he hasn't moved.

Getting what you want
Can be a blessing
Or a curse.
Getting what you need
Can make you
Ever wanting
Ever hungry
Ever trying
Maybe that's better?

Hope to see you again soon.
But what you really mean
Is that you don't expect
To ever see me again.
You hope not to, because
If you did, you'd have
To face the fact
That I was right
And you were wrong
And that's more than
You're willing to own.

If you walked in my shoes
For just a moment
You'd feel the pain
The cramped tightness
The worn-out soul
And you'd wonder
Why they always
Come untied.

Just like always
We gather here
To watch the two
Be joined as one.
And we rejoice
And we clap
And we cry
And we shower
Them with gifts
And we pray
That it lasts
As ours has.

Kindly take your hands
Off me. You don't have
The right to own me
Body, heart, or soul.
I will not be mastered
By you, or anyone else.
I know what is right
And I will honor it.

Let's just agree to disagree.
You see things a certain way
And I see them another.
We'll never be able to
Convince each other
That one of us is wrong.
It doesn't make it right
It just means we don't fight.

Most of the time
When I sit down to write
I have a thousand thoughts
Running through my head
At once. Today's no different.
Some days I can actually
Make sense of these thoughts.
Today's the exception.

Never too late to start again
An old dog learns new tricks
As good as anyone else does.
The lie that age dulls you
Or stupefies is just a myth.
Don't be fooled by fools.

Only those you want to keep
Deserve the care you think they need.
The ones you love is who I mean
What did you think I was
Talking about -- teeth?

Please, for the sake
Of all that is holy
Stop that infernal whistling!
You're not a dwarf
This isn't Fairyland
Work isn't supposed
To make you Happy.

Quickly realizing that
No matter what I do
No matter what I say
No matter what's the matter
Complaining doesn't help.

Rising above his circumstances
He looks down to see from whence
He rose. Things look so different
From up here. More manageable.

So sorry, but that's the way it is
If you wanted a better outcome
You should have cared enough
To do something, anything
To make it happen. Your loss.

Trailing by at least a dozen
Always playing catch-up
How did we get this far behind?
And when did we run out
Of time-outs? I cry foul!

Unless they come to a better understanding
It's likely that their ever after
Will not end happily. What a shame!
I was just getting sucked into the story.

Vanquishing foes left and right
And never stopping to take a breath
He soon loses focus, stumbles
Is caught off-guard, and loses his head.
Literally. Apparently violence is the answer.

Weak-kneed wanderer limps toward home
And finds that nothing's changed.
The past is still the present.
He swears there was something
Worth missing in the interim
But finding he was wrong
Decides that he prefers the road.

X generation kids having their own
Grunge is a thing of the past.
All that good flannel just going to waste
Should've known it wouldn't last.

Yes, it's true
I lost control
Ate too much
And I feel terrible.
Yes, I regret it.
Well, at least
I regret the way I feel.
I'll remember this
For next time.

Zip your lip!
Restrain yourself!
I know what you're thinking.
The whole world knows
What you're thinking.
But saying it will only
Make things much worse.
Just don't.

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