Sunday, May 20, 2012

Unfortunately Named Restaurants & Other Businesses

Apparently, attorneys and law firms aren't the only ones who make bad branding decisions. Check out this fresh batch of badly named businesses, compiled from various places on the Internet. A lot of these are restaurants, but a few other kinds of businesses also made the cut (but probably wish they hadn't). Enjoy!

It costs a little more, but it'll really keep you going for the long haul.

I hear this place is really catching on...

Trying to appeal to a younger market? Check. Odd name for an eating establishment? Double check. (For the slang-challenged folks out there, "fo shizzle" means "for sure".)

I don't even want to know...

I thought it was called "Shepherd's Pie," not "Equestrian's Pie."

Hope they've got plenty of stalls...

This is why cultural stereotypes will never go away. Folks keep playing right into them time and time again.

Hey, now! That's getting a little personal, don't ya think?

I'll only go if it's "lazy." (Confused? Look at my blog's web address.)

This is so unappealing in more ways than I can count...

What was that other word you wanted in the name of the restaurant? You can't remember, either? Ah well, I'll just put something up there.

I'll take a spicy tuna roll and two Californian rolls. Wait, those aren't in season, are they? Make that two Floridian rolls. And easy on the blood this time, 'kay?

Can't decide if this is clever or just stupid. I'm leaning toward the former...

Truth in advertising...

Well, if you have to ask...

OK, this one wasn't that interesting. Sorry!

I'm glad all businesses don't tell you what they want you to do, or I might develop a complex. Well, another complex.

He was known as the Great Physician, but I don't think this is what that meant...

What do you wanna bet that the owners of this business have been visiting Dr. Jesus' shop a few too many times?

It may BE truth in advertising, but in this case they might want to soften the blow just a WEE bit.

PMS and firearms??? Two words that should never, ever, ever go together!

That's all right. They probably sell stupid products, too.


ROFL, LMBO! IDK what they were thinking! LOL!

Well, I never thought it was before, but now I do. I'm going somewhere else...

I don't know if they are or not, but I have a friend who'll eat anything as long as he has enough hot sauce to douse on it.

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