Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Skit: "Waiting For Something"

I wrote this skit awhile ago, thinking we might be able to use it for the "Night of Drama" presentation we do at our church each fall. As it turns out, it didn't quite fit last year's theme as well as some of the other ones I found, so I ended up rejecting my own skit. I still think it has some merit, though, in the right context. Let me know what you think....Enjoy!


MARTY – a college student
HANK – a college student

(At LIGHTS UP, we see MARTY sitting on a bench with his head buried in his hands, looking rather depressed. HANK enters, barely even noticing MARTY, then suddenly stops and turns back to speak to him.)
HANK:  Hey Marty, what's going on?

MARTY:  What's up, Hank?

HANK:  Not much, man.  (looks at him curiously)  What are you doing here?

MARTY:  Me? Oh, I'm just waiting.

HANK:  What are you waiting for?

MARTY:  Waiting for something to happen.

HANK:  Um, okay. Were you expecting anything in particular to happen?

MARTY:  Yeah. A solution to my problem.

HANK:  What's your problem?

MARTY:  Nothing's happening in my life, that's my problem.

HANK:  (to himself)  I don't seem to getting anywhere here.

MARTY:  Yeah, that's it exactly! I'm just not getting anywhere. Something needs to happen.
HANK:  Define "something" for me, Marty, 'cuz I'm...

MARTY:  Something! You know, anything other than nothing, that kind of something!

HANK:  (flustered)  Ohh-kay!  (beat)  Listen, while you're waiting, do you mind if I ask you a question?

MARTY:  Sure, I've got nothing but time.

HANK:  If I'm understanding you right, you're unhappy with your life, because nothing's
happening –

MARTY:  Uh-huh.

HANK:  And you're sitting here waiting until something does happen –

MARTY:  Yep.

HANK:  But you aren't doing anything to make it happen?

MARTY:  What can I do to make something happen?

HANK:  Anything!

MARTY:  Anything?

HANK:  Anything other than nothing, at least. Doing nothing sure doesn't seem to be
working for you.

MARTY:  I guess not. But I can't really do anything. I mean, I'm not as talented as some
people, I don't have anything I'm particularly good at. And I – well, I guess I'm just
good for nothing.

HANK:  Marty, you may be good at doing nothing, but you're not good for nothing.

MARTY:  How do you know?

HANK:  'Cuz I know God, and I know you know God. And like the old saying goes: "God
don't make no junk."

MARTY:  I do know God, but it doesn't seem like He knows me too well.

HANK:  What do you mean?

MARTY:  Well, I've been praying – you know, talking to God...

HANK:  Okay...

MARTY:  And I've been asking God for something to happen.

HANK:  Well, that's something...

MARTY:  But nothing's happened yet. So I'm not real sure God's listening.

HANK:  Well, did you ask God for something in particular to happen?

MARTY:  No, I don't suppose I specifically spelled anything out for Him. I mean, He's God – He knows what I need.

HANK:  Well, how do you know He hasn't answered you, if you don't even know what you
asked Him for?

MARTY:  I never thought of it like that.

HANK:  Marty, it sounds like you're on the right track, but you might be on the wrong train.

MARTY:  What do you mean?

HANK:  You said that God knows what you need, and that's true. But you haven't really
asked Him for anything.

MARTY:  I did. I asked Him for something to happen.

HANK:  And then what?

MARTY:  I waited. I'm still waiting!

HANK:  So your job's done? The rest is up to Him?

MARTY:  Well, yeah. I mean, He is God, you know!

HANK:  (sighs)  Okay, Marty.  (beat)  Listen, I was about to head over to the Quick Stop to pick up a soda. Do you want anything?

MARTY:  Sure, I'll take something. Anything. It doesn't matter to me.  

(Long beat. HANK doesn't move. MARTY looks at him curiously, begins to get impatient, then finally...)

MARTY:  I thought you were going. You know, the Quick Stop, the soda...

HANK:  I am, but right now I'm waiting.

MARTY:  What are you waiting for?

HANK:  For something to happen.

MARTY:  But, the Quick Stop is across the street. How are you going to get the soda if you
don't go...  (face-palm)  I get it!


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