Monday, January 14, 2013

Story # 2: "Curvy Kate"

Here's another story in my mini-series of short pieces, all three of which bear the titles of well-known brands of underclothes. Again, this story has nothing to do with underwear. In this case, I simply stole the title of a popular British undergarments website and wrote my own story. Enjoy!


Kate Saunders filled her bowl with cereal and doused it with a few splashes of nonfat milk. She'd just as soon eat the cereal dry, but milk does a body good and blah blah blah blah. Kate was having a fat day and nothing or no one was likely to get her to feel otherwise.

She'd never been what most would consider overweight, but work had been rough lately, and Kate's regular gym visits had become less...well...regular. So what if she'd put on a few pounds? What was the big deal?

The guys at work still followed her across the room with their eyes. And by the looks of things, they weren't doing so just to ridicule her. But her dates had been happening less and less frequently the past few weeks...

It's just a coincidence. I'm just not meeting the right guys, she thought. No, she shot back, it's because I'm fat. I'm lumpy, frumpy, portly, disgusting, and FAT!

Or curvy?

Fat may not be in vogue, but curvy definitely is. There's the buxom redhead from that TV show about 1960s advertising agencies. She's really curvy. There's that other redhead, the British singer, the one that sings about rolling in the deep. She's curvy, too. Not to mention those air-headed Armenian heiresses.

They're all very curvy. And desirable. And successful. And so am I, thought Kate. She finished her cereal and then poured another bowlful. After all, she had her figure to maintain.

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