Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Surprisingly Good Songs By Indie Bands With Slightly Ridiculous Names, Vol. 1

You may not find weirdly named bands as interesting as I do, and that's okay. But you may find some interesting music that you'll like here amongst the oddities. I sure did. There'll be more of these posts to come, as there are plenty of questionably named bands to choose from out there. Enjoy!

1)  Alcoholic Faith Mission  ~  "Ask Me This"

2)  Antenna Shoes  ~  "All You've Left Behind"

3)  Andrew Jackson Jihad  ~  "Who Are You?"

4)  Anamanaguchi  ~  "Helix Nebula"

5)  Backyard Tire Fire  ~  "Good To Be"


6)  The Be Good Tanyas  ~  "Littlest Birds"


7)  Banjo Or Freakout  ~  "Upside Down"


8)  Birds & Batteries  ~  "Let The Door Swing"

9)  Breathe Owl Breathe  ~  "Own Stunts"

10)  Blessed Feathers  ~  "American Sands, Earthly Treason"

11)  Casiotone For The Painfully Alone  ~  "White Corolla"

12)  Chew Lips  ~  "Salt Air"

13)  Cuckoo Chaos  ~  "Just Ride It"

14)  Cut Off Your Hands  ~  "Turn Cold"

15)  Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.  ~  "Simple Girl"

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