Friday, January 25, 2013

Surprisingly Good Songs By Indie Bands With Slightly Ridiculous Names, Vol. 4

One last time, for old time's sake. This will be my last entry in this particular mini-series, for three reasons:
1)  Four installments is plenty.
2)  The well is running dry.
3)  I'm kinda bored with it by now.

That being said, here are 10 surprisingly good songs by bands with rather ridiculous monikers. Really interesting videos, too, actually. Enjoy?

1)  We Have Band  ~  "Divisive"

2)  What Laura Says  ~  "Training"

3)  We Were Promised Jetpacks  ~  "Quiet Little Voices"

4)  What Made Milwaukee Famous  ~  "Sultan"

5)  The Whitest Boy Alive  ~  "Golden Cage"

6)  The Wilderness Of Manitoba  ~  "Morning Sun"

7)  Wolf In A Spacesuit  ~  "Amber Hand"

8)  The Working Title  ~  "The Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything)"

9)  Yourself And The Air  ~  "Sick Days"

10)  Zoos Of Berlin  ~  "Black In The Sun Room"

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