Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Baker's Dozen Of God-Honoring Christian Hip-Hop Songs

Since you clicked on this link, maybe that means you're at least mildly interested in broadening your musical horizons. Maybe not. You don't have to like all of these songs (or any of them), but I'm sharing them because I personally like them. I think there's a lot of truth and positivity to be gleaned from the messages in these songs. These particular artists are among my favorites in Christian hip-hop, but this is not an all-inclusive list. That would take too long. Alright, let's go...

1)  Lecrae ft. Mali Music  ~  "Tell The World"

2)  Trip Lee ft. KB & Andy Mineo  ~  "One Sixteen"

3)  J'Son ft. J.R.  ~  "Parent Me"

4)  D-MAUB  ~  "People Crazy"

5)  Bumps INF  ~  "Shunned By Society"

6)  Bizzle ft. Lavoisier & Sevin  ~  "This Ain't Love"

7)  Swoope ft. Lecrae, Tedashii, & Jai  ~  "Actions Speak Louder"

8)  Beautiful Eulogy ft. Theory Hazit & Lee Green  ~  "King Kulture"

9)  Level 3:16  ~  "Tell 'Em (Internal Conflict)"

10)  Kareem Manuel ft. Plumb  ~  "Open Your Eyes"

11)  theBREAX ft. J.R.  ~  "Perfect Storm"

12)  Young Joshua & Tee-Wyla ft. Donielle Rodwell  ~  "Potential"

13)  MC Jin  ~  "Open Arms"

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