Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Things I Find Fascinating: Odd Jobs That U.S. Presidents Held Before They Were President

A few days ago, I posted an entry about the nicknames of the U.S. Presidents. If you missed it, you can read it here. As several of the nicknames that Presidents have had were directly or indirectly related to their personal background and sometimes their previous professions, I wondered – outside of politics – what kinds of crazy (or even mundane) jobs have U.S. Presidents held prior to becoming Presidents. And here's what I found out...

(BLOGGER'S NOTE:  The Presidential "quotes" are mostly derived from my own imagination. One of them is real, though. I'll let you figure that one out for yourself.)

"Let me just take that in a bit on the sides for you."
Andrew Johnson  ~  Tailor

"Skip school one more time, lad, and
I'll run you in for truancy. Your sentence
shall be 40 hours of community service
running the front counter at my store." 
Grover Cleveland  ~  Sheriff, 
Schoolteacher, and Store Clerk

"I hope you've learned your lesson. If not,
well then, it's the paddle for you, child!"
Chester Arthur ~  Schoolteacher and Principal

"I do not believe there is any life more attractive to a
vigorous young fellow than life on a cattle ranch."
Theodore Roosevelt  ~  Cattle Rancher

"Now I know we may not speak the same language,
but there's one thing I'm sure we can all agree
upon. And that is, of course, that it's suppertime. 
Why, I'm so hungry I could eat a Filipino horse!"
William Howard Taft  ~  
Governor-General of the Philippines

"Life is uncertain, madam. That is why I must urge
you to do these three things. First, respect the land.
It depends on you, and you depend on it. Second,
subscribe to the newspaper. In this way, you can
stay connected with your world. Finally, in the
event of your unfortunate and unexpected death,
your family must be provided for. This policy gives
you peace of mind, knowing they'll be taken care of."
Warren Harding  ~  Farmer, Newspaper 
Publisher/Editor, and Insurance Salesman

"I'm sorry, we're fresh out of the Tickle Me
Elmo's. But I can whip up a Cabbage
Patch doll for you, if you'd like."
Calvin Coolidge  ~  Toymaker

"I never met a peanut I didn't like."
Jimmy Carter  ~  Peanut Farmer

"He hasn't hit a homerun all month long. I say we
execute him! What? We can't do that in baseball?
Just in Texas? My bad! Then we'll trade the chump!"
George W. Bush  ~  Baseball Team Owner

"Would you like that in a cone, a cup, or a
waffle cone? Any sprinkles for you today?"
Barack Obama  ~  Ice Cream
Scooper at Baskin Robbins

JACKS OF ALL TRADES:  These future Presidents held a number of interesting and mundane jobs prior to becoming politicians and eventually Presidents. I have neither the time nor the energy to fabricate long, complicated, and completely imaginary quotes for all of them. Just take hope in the fact that you, too, could become President someday. Even if your job isn't that glamorous right now.

Abraham Lincoln  ~  Postmaster, Ferry 
Boat Operator, Store Clerk, and Farmer

James Garfield  ~  Schoolteacher, 
Carpenter, Minister, and Janitor

Herbert Hoover  ~  Newsboy, Launderer, 
Farmer, Engineer, and Geologist

Harry Truman  ~  Railroad Timekeeper, Farmer,
Mailroom Clerk, Bank Clerk, and Haberdasher*
(*proprietor of a men's clothing store)

Lyndon Johnson  ~  Fruit Picker, Farmer,
Shoeshine Boy, Dishwasher, Elevator Operator,
Road Construction Laborer, Trapper, 
Trash Collector, Janitor, and Schoolteacher

Gerald Ford  ~  Busboy, Cook, Dishwasher, Park Ranger,
Fashion Model*, Football Coach, and Boxing Coach
(*click here for a modeling picture of Ford 
on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine)

Ronald Reagan  ~  Lifeguard, Construction Worker,
Circus Roustabout, Dishwasher, Swimming Coach,
Radio Announcer, and Film/Television Actor


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