Thursday, July 11, 2013

Songs With "Take" In The Title

I'd love to be able to say – "You asked for it, and here it is!" – but who am I kidding? I'm probably more excited about these random collections of songs connected only by a common word in the titles than any of you, dear readers, are. That being said, I'm even fonder of this collection of songs than I was of the "Give" songs I posted last time around. There are songs for pretty much all musical tastes here. Unless you like reggae. There's no reggae. No rap, either, for that matter. Come to think of, there's also no blues music here. Well, let's just say there are songs for almost all musical tastes. Enjoy?  ~  JH

1)  A-ha  ~  "Take On Me"

2)  Rihanna  ~  "Take A Bow"

3)  The Police  ~  "Every Breath You Take"

4)  Carrie Underwood  ~  "Jesus, Take The Wheel"

5)  ABBA  ~  "Take A Chance On Me"

6)  MIKA  ~  "Relax, Take It Easy"

7)  Mary J. Blige  ~  "Take Me As I Am"

8)  Passion Pit  ~  "Take A Walk"

9)  Twisted Sister  ~  "We're Not Gonna Take It"

10)  JLS  ~  "Take A Chance On Me"  (Not the same as the ABBA song!)

11)  Amy Winehouse  ~  "Take The Box"

12)  Berlin  ~  "Take My Breath Away"

13)  Filter  ~  "Take A Picture"

14)  Phil Collins  ~  "Take Me Home"

15)  Fefe Dobson  ~  "Take Me Away"

16)  Karmin Music  ~  "Take It Away"

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