Friday, July 20, 2012

Guest Blogger: Leigh Ann Cordes ~ "Things I Am Grateful For"

Seeing as I am currently on vacation, and I knew it would be hard to both enjoy my time in the mountains AND take the time to blog every day, I asked Mary's sister (my sister-in-law), Leigh Ann Cordes, to guest-blog for me today. She graciously agreed. "Write about whatever you want to," I said (since this is probably the most unfocused blog EVER). What she wrote just blew me away! I know you'll enjoy it as much as I did...

Leigh Ann Cordes

What do I write?  What shall I write?  Asked to be a guest blogger on my brother-in-law’s blog is an honor.  And a curse. There’s no pressure to be witty and clever, poignant and vibrant, sentimental and cutting edge.  Noooo.

After mooning over the endless possibilities (what being a stepmom has taught me, regaling you with poodle stories, the horrors of the world of paralegals) I decide to go back to what I always go back to.

Every time I begin to pray (most nights, but a lot of mornings, too) I start with asking God for stuff.  Not all for myself, but asking him to do something for someone or bless someone with something.  Inevitably, I stop about two or three requests in and remember.  I haven’t said thank you.  I am forever trying to instill gratitude into the kid.  And even the mutt somedays.  I need to remember to be grateful myself.  So…here’s a list of things I am grateful for:

the sound my feet make when I swish them under the covers

licking the spoon

falling asleep holding hands

when your kid says something that is truly witty

giant recliners

in-laws who love you for who you really are

cotton candy

that sound the Styrofoam lid made when you opened it to get the rolls at your grandmother’s table

bunnies running across the lawn first thing in the morning

after you’ve been really, really sick and you actually feel good enough to eat

letters.  in the mail.  handwritten.

chocolate milk

that extra-hard squeeze my big sister gives that makes me squeak when she hugs me


when my husband sighs instead of commenting

knowing your purpose

that feeling after you’ve cleaned your house and you plop down on the sofa

leftovers that are better the second time around

when my dog woofles in his sleep

drawings from the girls we sponsor

singing the wrong word loudly and committing to it anyways


being able to close the lid on a soda before it spills over


a man who takes out the trash without being asked

crying at my sisters’ weddings

miracle gro

that one picture I have of me and my dad truly laughing

when that chat box pops up at the bottom of my screen and it’s my bff asking if I am there

gigantor fluffy towels

learning new words   (ballyhooing was today’s new word)


What are you thankful for?

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