Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Poems For Your Perusal: An Alphapoetical Half-Cycle

I started this cycle of alpha poetry over a week ago. To prove that I can finish what I started, here's the other half. Enjoy!

No strings attached
But I'm feeling the pull.
Feeding me lies
But I don't like the bull.
Give me the details
I'll write you a song.
This is the short of it
I don't belong.

On the same page
We both agree
That what it is
Is wrong, but
There's so little
That either of us
Can do about it.
That's how it goes
And us along with it
But when does it
Get easier
Get better
Get harder
Get worse?
We're finding out
The secret
Is to wait.

Play it by ear
Unless you can read it
I never learned
I guess I don't need it.
I have a knack
Don't knock it, it's real.
I can play notes
That reveal how I feel.

Quit horsing around!
Don't you know you're
Supposed to be serious?
Wipe that smile off your face!
This is no time to be happy –
People are getting married here!
And don't look at me like that
When I'm talking to you!

Right on the money
But wrong on the timing
You wrote the poetry
I did the rhyming.
I sang the melody
You just transcribed it.
You poured the starlight
I just imbibed it.

Save your breath
Until it's fully grown
Into a sigh, perhaps
A yawn. Once it has
Matured, then you can
Release it to the world.

Talk until you're blue in the face.
And I will call you Smurfy
Which you will not appreciate.
And I will smirk perceptively
While you fume openly.
And we will agree to disagree
Which is better than not speaking.
And we will carry on as though
Nothing ever happened...

Ugly as sin
But beautiful
To those who
Know no better.
Like blind people
And pebbles
They harbor no
Ingrained prejudices
About beauty
Or righteousness.
They simply accept
At face value
What is, as what it is.
This is better.

Voice your opinion
I don't have to agree
I don't have to speak
I may want to scream
I may want to slap you
But I don't have to.

What a way to go!
Face-first, feet last
But grateful.

X spots his mark
Makes his pitch
Sells his wares
Hits the road
And never looks back.

You snooze, you lose
Hours of your life
That you'll never get back.
You wake, you take
The hours you have left
And make the most
Of the least. That's life.

Zig-zagging my way
Through traffic cones
And caution lights
I wend a path
Through tire treads
And broken glass.
I hope the things
I pass won't leave 
Me spinning out
But know that if they do
I'll still survive the crash.

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