Friday, July 6, 2012

You Know It's Going To Be A Good Day When The Dinosaur Is Fully Inflated

It's Friday, and that's a very good thing. It's been an oddball week. Having a day off in the middle of the week does strange things to my brain. Wednesday felt like Saturday, yesterday felt like Monday, and I don't know where Sunday went. Today is Friday, and it feels like it, but it also feels like the second or maybe the third Friday this week. Needless to say, I'll be glad when it's over (both Friday and the week).

Don't get me wrong now, Wednesday was a good day. Mary and I went out for a big IHOP breakfast that morning, then went antiquing around town (the places that were open at least). We were looking for my birthday present. My birthday was, of course, three-and-a-half months ago, but we still haven't found what Mary was looking for to buy me back in March.

We figured there was no point spending money on something that was just "okay" when we could hold out for exactly what we wanted. For the record, we're seeking a substantial-sized night stand that will hold my CPAP machine, my table lamp, alarm clock, and the multiplicity of books I am reading at any given time.

After trudging around at several antique stores, half of which were not air-conditioned, we were both incredibly hot and tired. So we went home for a couple of hours of relaxation in artificially cool environs. Later, we went back out to see a movie and laughed until our faces hurt (always a good thing). When we got out of the movie, though it was almost dark, it was still miserably hot. So back to the house we returned.

My father-in-law says that July 4th is a miserable holiday – well, not the holiday itself. Rather, it's a miserable time of year to have a holiday in which being and doing things outside is either expected or required. I tend to agree.

Today is Friday, and I really hope it's going to turn out well. Because when I ascended the stairs to the area where my office is at work, I noticed that the dinosaur was not fully inflated. That's not a promising sight. Perhaps I should explain further.

At the top of the stairs, in the open area near the copy machine, sits a large inflatable dinosaur. I don't know one species of "saurus" from another – I can only tell you it has an extremely long neck and a small head (which extends out over the stairwell and greets us with its painted-on grin every morning) and a squat body with short legs. It's green, though not in a realistic way – more in a let's-make-this-thing-as-colorful-as-we-can kind of way.

The dinosaur wears a swim ring around its neck – it used to have a lei, but I'm not sure what happened to that – and seems to change hats at will. Lately, it's been wearing an Overton's visor cap (appropriately enough), but for a few days it was most definitely wearing a Krispy Kreme paper hat. Occasionally, the dinosaur is seen sporting sunglasses.

Because it's inanimate and inflatable, the dinosaur requires frequent tending-to by the guy who put it there in the first place (I think his name is Dan, but I'm not sure). Every couple of days or so, he has to re-inflate the dinosaur so that he (or she) is standing at his (or her) full height again, proudly looking out over the stairwell, bringing us good luck and offering a sense of security (as much as a plastic inflatable dinosaur is able to keep one safe, at least).

This morning, the dinosaur was looking a little saggy. Its legs were buckling slightly, and its head – once proudly jutting out into the open space of the stairwell – lay slumped over the rail, looking as though he (or she) had one too many libations the night previous.

I don't actually believe in luck, but I do put some stock in the correlation between a fully inflated dinosaur and a good, productive day at work. So, either Dan (if that's his name) needs to re-inflate the dinosaur pretty soon, or I need to transcend my dinosaurian circumstances, else this Friday could end up being less than stellar.

Here goes nothing...

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