Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Hands Where I Can See 'Em," "Staff Infection," And "Law And Orber": Three Even Newer Drabbles

So, clearly I'm on a fiction-writing kick here lately. Here are three more 100-word drabbles I just wrote. I have three more ready to post in the coming days as well. Bear with me while I'm being creative, and not just compiling funny stuff for your entertainment. I'm a writer, which means that every now and then I will actually write something. Hope you'll enjoy reading these...


The doorbell rang on an otherwise dull Wednesday. Opening the door, I was startled to see a policeman standing on my stoop. 

"Can I help you, Officer?" I said. 

"Wilbur Cavendish?" he asked. 

"Yes," I replied. 

Just then, my hip started itching. I reached to scratch it. Simultaneously, I extended my other hand backward to invite the officer inside. 

"Don't move!" he shouted. 

I yelped. 

"Hands where I can see 'em!" he screamed. 

I raised both hands in surrender. Seconds later, I was facing the wall as my hands were being cuffed. 

I knew I should've taken that Benadryl earlier.


The Corporate Weekend Retreat originally planned for this Friday and Saturday has been rescheduled due to pandemic apathy. Employees are encouraged to get plenty of bed rest, drink lots of fluids, and think about what's really important to them – one lousy weekend, or their jobs. Assuming all employees have recovered in time, the Weekend Retreat will be held next Friday and Saturday at the same place and time as originally planned. Remember, per company policy, that having a social life, spending time with family, etc. are luxuries, not privileges. The employee's responsibility is always first and foremost to the job.


Orber Moreno had made a decent living playing professional baseball – he was no millionaire, but he was doing alright. At age 39, he knew he was approaching the end. He'd often thought about what he would do when his playing days were over. Maybe he'd become a pitching coach – if anybody wanted him. Perhaps he'd go into real estate; lots of athletes did, and being bilingual is always a plus in that field. But the idea that intrigued him most was becoming a Supreme Court Justice. Orber knew it would be tough, but he'd always dreamed big. Why stop now?

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