Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Things That Make Great Bookmarks In A Pinch

Have you ever been knee-deep into a fantastic book, then for whatever reason (you have to go to work, your favorite TV show is coming on, you need to have an emergency medical procedure, etc.) you are forced to stop reading; and in reaching for your bookmark, you find that it has disappeared? What do you do?

Here are 10 random things that can serve as excellent substitutes when an actual bookmark is not available or has gone missing:

1)  A Sheet Of Toilet Paper

Depending on where you are when you need a bookmark,
this just might be the nearest, most convenient option for you.

2)  A Grocery Store Receipt

Ever feel like that ridiculously long grocery store receipt
is just a waste of good paper? Don't let it go to waste! Fold
it over twice and you've got the perfect substitute bookmark.

3)  A Post-It Note

This is one of those Post-Its I was telling you about
yesterday. While it may not say anything important, it will
definitely hold your place till you're ready to read again.

4)  The Ripped-Off Top Of A Kleenex Box

I've been using this particular "bookmark" for several years now. I cut
it into an interesting shape so it would look less like what it actually is.

5)  A Ticket Stub To A Sporting Event

After the game, don't just throw that ticket away. Keep it in a safe
place. You never know when you might suddenly need a bookmark.

6)  A Severed Human Finger

Granted, a severed finger isn't something you'd necessarily have
lying around in your house (unless you're into that sort of thing).
However, if you find yourself in the scary part of town, and you
have to stop reading for some reason (for example, you feel the
need to run for your life from the thugs who are chasing you), you
might find one of these nearby and decide to use it (temporarily,
of course) to hold your place in your book until you're in a safer area.

7)  A Fluff Of Lint From Your Belly Button

Some people are particularly adept at collecting fibers and
miscellaneous debris in their navels (I am not one of them –
this is not my lint). If you're one of those people, you may
be carrying – at the core of your body – a built-in bookmark.

8)  A Very Narrow Writing Utensil

Not only are these pencils handy tools for artists and carpenters,
but they also make handy bookmarks. Their narrow design
prevents them from creasing your book binding too severely.

9)  Your Shoelaces

While the flat kind of shoelaces would probably work better, these
round ones would work just as well as a quick, convenient bookmark.
Just be careful not to trip when you're walking with lace-less shoes.

10)  A Dead Centipede

Let's face it – once it's dead, the centipede has served whatever purpose it
was intended to serve. Why let its brittle, multi-legged carcass go to waste?
Some people press dead leaves or flowers. Why not press a dead centipede?

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