Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Videos Of Animals Eating Fruit

And now for something completely random...well, you already read the title. This is exactly what it was advertised to be...videos of animals eating fruit. Many of these either fascinated me or cracked me up – I don't know why. A couple of them were slightly boring, but they went with the theme, so I included them. (And yes, I realize that apples show up twice here, but both videos were too good to pass up.) Enjoy?

1)  A Koala Eating An Apple

2)  A Monkey Eating An Orange

3)  A Box Turtle Eating A Strawberry

4)  A Cat Eating A Banana

5)  A Dog Eating Blueberries

6)  A Squirrel Eating A Lemon

7)  A Raccoon Eating Cherries

8)  An Iguana Eating Grapes

9)  A Goat Eating Watermelon

10)  A Hippopotamus Eating A Pumpkin

11)  An Elephant Eating A Pineapple

12)  A Llama Eating An Apple

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