Friday, August 3, 2012

Why Betty White Is Awesome (Using Words Made From The Letters Of Her Name)

Real Talk: I LOVE Betty White. Always have. Long before it was trendy to love Betty White. She's an immensely talented, incredibly funny, eminently ageless, and seemingly tireless actress and comedienne. Today, I will use words created from the letters of Betty White's name to describe why she is so awesome.

1)  BITTY:  Defined by an user as "a crazy elderly woman who is out of touch with the world yet thinks she know something relevant and feels compelled to share it," the word "bitty" most definitely does not describe Betty White. For a 90-year-old woman, Betty is remarkably "with it" (also two words that can be made from her name) – she's not out of touch with things in today's world (as I'll prove in just a minute), she is certainly still relevant, and apparently has much more to share with the world and is willing to do so.

2)  WITTY:  "Witty" is defined as "possessing wit in speech or writing" or, alternately, "amusingly clever in perception and expression." That describes Betty White to a T. When she hosted Saturday Night Live a couple of years ago, it has been said by people in the know that Betty could out-ad-lib almost every other member of the cast. She's naturally as funny or funnier than people more than half her age.

3)  TWEET:  In case you didn't know already, a "tweet" is "a very short message posted on the Twitter website." Back in April of this year, 90-year-old Betty tweeted her first message, which read: "Hello Twitter! And they said it would never happen. Oh wait, that was me." Not surprisingly, White has thousands upon thousands of followers on Twitter.

4)  TWIT:  Defined as "an insignificant, silly, or bothersome person" or, alternately, "a foolish or stupid person, or idiot," the word "twit" hardly describes Betty the person. But it's a perfect description of her Golden Girls character, Rose Nylund. Rose may have been a twit, but she was a lovable twit.

5)  THEY:  Speaking of the Golden Girls, Betty was one of the Fab Four of this classic 1980s sitcom, and the only one still living. "They" gave us lots of laughs over the years (and still do – I don't believe the show has ever not been in syndication since its original run ended), and Betty White was a huge reason why.

6)  WHEE:  "Whee" is an interjection "used to express joy or delight." Whether she's being sweet, sassy, naughty, or nice, Betty White does so with obvious joy and endless delight. You can tell she enjoys making people laugh, and why shouldn't she, seeing as she does it so well!

7)  BEE:  In conjunction with the word "busy," "bee" denotes "a person who is industrious or has many things to do." This certainly describes the long, prolific career of Betty White. Don't believe me? Let's go to the numbers – From 1945 to the present, Betty has been a regular on 15 different TV series, guest-starred on another 49 different TV series, acted in 33 movies, made appearances on 240 different TV programs as herself, and starred in numerous commercials. If you count her time performing on the radio (and you should), Betty White has worked in show biz in each of the past 9 decades! And she's still going strong!

8)  HIT:  Defined as "a person or thing that gains wide appeal," Betty White is definitely a "hit." With 20 Emmy nominations and 6 Emmy wins to her credit, Betty has clearly had "hit" after "hit" after "hit."

9)  YET:  At 90 years old, Betty's not done "yet"! She is currently starring in the "hit" TV series Hot In Cleveland. Betty has been quoted as saying: "Retirement is not in my vocabulary. They aren't going to get rid of me that way."

10)  IT:  One definition of the word "it" is thus: "a desirable quality or ability." A common version of this particular meaning of the word – generally used for women – is the phrase "It Girl." Well, I don't know if a 90-year-old woman can still be categorized as a "girl" or not, but whatever "it" is, Betty White has definitely still got "it."

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