Monday, August 27, 2012

Words You Can Make Using Letters From The Words "Back To School"

DISCLAIMER:  Though I am married to a teacher who is starting back at school today, she neither suggested nor "defined" any of the following words. This is all me. True, I have heard plenty of teacher horror stories, but not just from my wife. I also have several close friends and relatives who are teachers. And on the other side of the desk, as it were, I know and am friends with quite a few students (and believe it or not, I actually was one a long time ago!). So, this post is not based on the experiences of any one teacher or student that I know, but is an amalgamation of all of them. With that being said, enjoy!

1)  Boathooks:  Tools that some teachers might wish they could use to gather in unruly students to where they're supposed to be.

2)  Sackcloth:  Fashionable apparel for mourners, and perhaps teachers who did not want to go back to school today.

3)  Cockatoos:  What noisy students sound like to weary teachers.

4)  Klatsch:  A casual social gathering, usually for conversation. Or, what some students think school is designed to be.

5)  Tobacco:  A substance that some teachers – and unfortunately, some students – may use to deal with the stresses of school.

6)  Cahoots:  What some students are "in" with each other – usually against another student, but sometimes against a teacher.

7)  Accost:  What some students, unfortunately, occasionally do to other students. Also known as bullying.

8)  Block:  A method of scheduling the six-hour school day into "blocks" of class time. A block schedule keeps students in class for longer periods of time, reducing the amount of time students spend transitioning between classes, and giving students and teachers more opportunities to get to know each other. Some teachers and students love block scheduling, and some absolutely hate it. It just depends. (Definition copied directly from

9)  Chalk:  Do teachers even use this anymore? With the preponderance of dry-erase boards and SMART Boards, I'm not sure they do. But they did in my day (oh BOY, do I sound old!).

10)  Scotch:  A beverage that some teachers – and, unfortunately, some students – may use to deal with the stresses of school.

11)  Cocoa:  A much better option for teachers and students to drink to help deal with the stresses of school.

12)  Clock:  A device for telling time, which is watched quite frequently by both teachers and students.

13)  Achoo:  A sound that is heard often in schools, usually followed by a "Bless You!" from the teacher, or perhaps another student.

14)  Halos:  What some parents think their kids wear on a regular basis, especially when they're at school.

15)  Blah:  What teachers' words sound like to students, especially in triplicate. (i.e., "blah blah blah...")

16)  Cool:  What a few kids actually are, and what all the rest of them want to be.

17)  Coast:  Where most teachers (and most students, too) would rather be than at school today.

18)  Shock:  What first-year teachers are experiencing today.

19)  (A) Blast:  What parents hope their kids will have on the first day of school.

20)  Chaos:  What teachers know will actually happen on the first day of school.

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