Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stealing My Sister-In-Law's Blog Post Topic: "Things I Am Grateful For"

You may have my read the recent post in which my sister-in-law, Leigh Ann Cordes, guest-blogged for me while I was on vacation. If not, you should check it out here. Go ahead, I'll wait...

Anyway, I went to sleep last night thinking about the same topic she explored in her post: Things I Am Grateful For.

While my list may not be an original idea -- in fact, it's a blatantly stolen idea -- it's something I don't think about nearly enough. So here's my list of things I am grateful for:

A God who loves me even when I'm an embarrassment to Him (which happens all too often)

A wife who loves me even when I'm an idiot (which also happens all too often)

The child who's growing inside her, whom I haven't met yet but I already love

A healthy pregnancy thus far

Three cats who love me even when I forget to change their water often enough

A good job that pays me to write (about clothes, not random stuff like in this blog)

A house to live in, even if I don't love it, and even if I wish it would, now

A good church that feels like home, with an excellent pastoral staff who seem like family

Boulevard Bagel's breakfast special (with bacon and cheddar cheese on a jalapeno cheddar bagel)

Two cars that run well

Good music that gets me moving, calms my mood, or soothes my soul (whichever I need at the time)

Netflix and Redbox (when I need to be entertained)

Parents who love me even when I don't call them as often I should or spend as much time with them as I'd like

Being able to lead the drama productions at church

My CPAP machine, which keeps me from dying in my sleep and reduces my chances of having a stroke early on in life

Spending time with friends -- the ones I've had and kept since I was a child, and the ones I've made more recently

Books, both printed and electronic

Going to a baseball game

Cilantro, because it's yummy

Coffee, with Splenda and flavored creamer

Lazy days, indoors or outdoors

The Internet, even when it takes up too much of my time (which is my fault, not the Internet's)

Funny-looking animals, because they make me feel a little better about how I look

Frozen yogurt

Words (like, a lot!)

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