Saturday, October 27, 2012

10 Best Album Covers Of Albums Titled "Home"

If you're any kind of a music buff at all, it's very likely that at some point you have listened to or even owned an album called Home. How do I know this? Because, throughout all the years of recorded music, countless artists in virtually every musical genre have released albums under this simple yet evocative title.

So I decided to pick the 10 best album covers from this most voluminous collection of Home-titled albums. Tomorrow I will post the 10 worst Home album covers.

Please note: Their inclusion on either of these two lists is in no way a critique of the music itself. I've never heard of many of these albums (though I do own or have owned a few of them), so I can't rightly judge the music by its cover. But I am judging the covers – that's precisely the point.

Do you agree or disagree with my picks? Are there any Home albums that you know of that you would have included? Let me know...

1)  August Burns Red:  There's something remarkably beautiful in this lightly colored line drawing. It's just detailed enough to merit further scrutiny, yet not so much as to distract from its wonderful simplicity.

2)  Benjamin Biolay & Chiara Mastroianni:  If it doesn't jump out at you immediately, this cover is a highly stylized typography of the word "HOME." Sure, it's weird, and a bit abstract – but it's also quite artsy-fartsy (in a good way).

3)  Blessid Union Of Souls:  There's something about this photo and the surrounding layout that just screams: "Home! We're finally home again! After months and months on the road, it's so good to be home!" I love it! (Great album, too, by the way.)

4)  Delaney & Bonnie:  This simple picture of the singers and some random elderly man on the porch of what I can only assume is a log cabin is remarkably effective at conveying the idea of "home." It's wonderful!

5)  Dixie Chicks:  Despite the slightly vampiric look of these three ladies (especially the one in the middle), I really like this album cover. The road behind them, a side road off to the right. Which one leads "home"? Why are they standing in the middle of the road? And why are they wearing evening gowns? This cover art has just enough unanswered questions to keep you guessing.

6)  Keller Williams:  No, it's not Keller Williams, the real estate company. It's Keller Williams, the singer/songwriter. I love the mirror effect of the bridge as reflected in the river here. The circles formed by the reflection reassure you that you can go home again, and that everything eventually comes back to where it started in the beginning. At least that's what I got out of it.

7)  Magenta:  The sadness in this lady's face, the evidence of rain on the glass, and the reflection of what appears to be an apartment building: these three elements combine to convey a sense of hopefulness in a hopeless situation. If only she can get back home, it will all be okay.

8)  Mr. Children:  I've never seen a truly three-dimensional family tree diagram...before now. What an ingenious idea! And to make it the album cover for a band called Mr. Children? Even better!

9)  Sevendust:  Maybe it's the writer in me that finds this fascinating – I don't know. But the image of a gnarled, scarred hand scribbling the word "Home" in pencil, in my opinion, makes for a great album cover.

10)  The Corrs:  I don't know what I love most about this cover: the startlingly realistic drawings of the band members, the subtle hints of color in the yellow-orange butterflies, or the fantastic font in which the band's name is written. Since I can't pick one, I'll pick all three. This one's a keeper!

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