Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Interesting Quotes By Guys Named Don (With Unnecessary Pictures)

DON DRYSDALE, baseball player

"Some of these guys wear beards to make them look intimidating, 
but they don't look so tough when they have to deliver the ball. 
Their abilities and their attitudes don't back up their beards."

"I hate all hitters. I start a game mad and I stay that way until it's over."

DON MATTINGLY, baseball player

"I like being close to the bats."

DON MEREDITH, football player and commentator

"If 'ifs' and 'buts' were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas."

DON KING, boxing promoter

"If you cast your bread upon the water and you have faith, you'll 
get back cash. If you don't have faith, you'll get soggy bread."

DON CORNELIUS, Soul Train host

"You can bet your last money, it's gonna be a stone gas, Honey!"

DON SHULA, football coach

"Success is not forever, and failure isn't fatal."

DON WILLIAMS, JR., country singer

"A man can never hope to be more than he is 
if he is not first honest about what he isn't."

"What I lack in decorum, I make up for with an absence of tact."

DON ADAMS, comedian

"I've been paying alimony since I was 14 and child 
support since 15. That's a joke, but not by much."

DON RICKLES, comedian

"I think if I took therapy, the doctor would quit. 
He'd just pick up the couch and walk out of the room." 

"Some people say funny things, but I say things funny."


"I believe that you are what you have to defend, and if you're a black 
man that's always going to be the bar against which you are judged, 
whether you want to align yourself with those themes or not. You
can think of yourself as a colorless person, but nobody else is gonna."

"I think it's intoxicating when somebody 
is so unapologetically who they are."

DON IMUS, radio talk show host

"My goal is to goad people into saying something that ruins their life."


"I can do whatever I want –  I'm rich, I'm famous, and I'm bigger than you."

"Once you become famous, there is nothing left to become but infamous."


"I felt like a loser. I was unhappy as a child most of the time. 
We were terribly poor and I hated my size."

DON JUAN MATUS, "Man of Knowledge"
(as told to Carlos Castaneda)

"Self-importance is man's greatest enemy. What weakens him is feeling 
offended by the deeds and misdeeds of his fellow men. Self-importance 
requires that one spend most of one's life offended by something or someone."

DON QUIXOTE (as written by 
Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra)

“All I know is that while I’m asleep, I’m never afraid, and I 
have no hopes, no struggles, no glories — and bless the man who 
invented sleep, a cloak over all human thought, food that drives 
away hunger, water that banishes thirst, fire that heats up cold, 
chill that moderates passion, and, finally, universal currency with 
which all things can be bought, weight and balance that brings the 
shepherd and the king, the fool and the wise, to the same level. 
There’s only one bad thing about sleep, as far as I’ve ever heard, 
and that is that it resembles death, since there’s very little 
difference between a sleeping man and a corpse.”

DON CHERRY, sports commentator

"I think I'm a good Canadian, but I'm not the greatest Canadian."

"People think common sense is common, but it's not."

DON EVERLY, singer

"Old men need applause, too."

DON HENLEY, singer/musician

"Sometimes you get the best light from a burning bridge."

DON McLEAN, singer/songwriter

"Each thread of life that you leave will spin 
around your deeds and dictate your needs."

"This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you."

"I met a girl who sang the blues, and I asked her for some 
happy news. But she just smiled and turned away. I went down 
to the sacred store where I'd heard the music years before, but 
the man there said the music wouldn't play. And in the streets, 
the children screamed, the lovers cried, and the poets dreamed. 
But not a word was spoken – the church bells all were broken. 
And the three men I admire most – the Father, Son, and the Holy 
Ghost – they caught the last train for the coast, the day the music died."

DON HO, singer

"If you're looking for a role model, Duke's the guy."

"I've had too much fun all these years. I feel really guilty about it."

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