Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Strange Things Found Inside Fish

Over thousands of years, stories – most true, some fictional, others exaggerated – have been told of strange things found inside fish. Recently, a man who had lost four fingers in a wakeboarding accident was surprised to find that a large trout, caught by fishermen several months later in the vicinity of the accident, had one of the man's severed fingers inside it. Here are a few other outrageous examples of strange things found inside fish....

1)  Haans Galassi's Finger:  Haans is the wakeboarder I just mentioned. This is his fingerless hand.

2)  A 16th Century Portuguese Medallion:  This very old relic was found in the belly of a baby shark.

3)  A Sheep's Head:  This sheep's head (or one very similar to it) was found inside a large grouper.

4)  Two Broken Bottles:  The same large grouper had also consumed a couple of bottles, which were found broken inside it.

5)  A Quart Pot:  Apparently this grouper would eat anything. A quart pot, much like this one, was also found inside the same fish.

6)  A Preserved Milk Tin:  Last but not least, this most un-finicky grouper was found to contain a preserved milk tin much like this one.

7)  A Sack Lunch:  A giant cod was found to contain the makings of a good picnic. It reportedly held within its stomach "a brown paper packet of sandwiches, enough for a pretty large party."

8)  A Pair Of Sweatpants:  A certain gray whale, upon expiring, was found to have ingested a pair of sweatpants, much like these.

9)  A Golf Ball:  The same gray whale had apparently also swallowed a golf ball.

10)  Surgical Gloves:  This same omnivorous whale also had a pair of surgical gloves, much like these, inside it.

11)  Duct Tape:  Knowing its reputation as being useful in repairing nearly everything on earth, the same gray whale had also ingested a roll of duct tape, much like this one.

12)  Small Towels:  And last but not least, to soak up all the detritus of all the other random things it had eaten, the same gray whale was also found to contain a few small towels like these.

13)  Polar Bear Parts:  A shark in Greenland was found to contain parts of a polar bear's body. Presumably, the polar bear had ventured onto too-thin ice, or had simply passed out in the water and become fodder for the sharp-toothed, water-bound predator. Since The Plural Of Hyena is (mostly) a family-friendly blog, I will not post pictures of polar bear parts, but instead will give you a delightfully adorable picture of a living polar bear.

14)  A Man's Head:  You may think the picture below is a complete reversal of what I just said in #13 about this being a family-friendly blog, but fret not – the severed human head pictured below is fake! It's just special effects – so don't freak out! To the point of this post, a man's severed head was found inside a giant cod (but not the same giant cod as the one above that ate the sack lunch).

15)  The Prophet Jonah:  Last but definitely not least, the prophet Jonah (from the Old Testament in the Bible) is reported to have been swallowed whole – alive! – by a "great fish," possibly a whale. Jonah was later vomited up onto dry land by the "great fish" and lived to tell the tale. And – stubborn prophet that he was – Jonah finally decided to actually do just that. You see, Jonah had been running from God for a long time, not doing what God had called him – yes, even commanded him – to do. The moral of this story: Don't be a Jonah. You don't want to have to be swallowed by a whale for God to get your attention. Try and heed His calling before it comes to all that.


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