Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Things I Found While Cleaning Out My Bookbag

So, I was cleaning out my bookbag (which I take with me practically everywhere) for the first time in a long time the other day, and these were some of the more interesting things I found in there...

1)  An Almost Empty Bottle Of TUMS:  I guess I've been a bit acid-y of late. Ooh, and look – it's over a year past its expiration date. Nice!

2)  An Empty Box Of Nasonex:  I put this in my bag a couple of months ago to remind myself to call in a refill on my prescription. I still haven't called. And I wonder why my breathing and allergies have been awful of late!

3)  An Unopened Tube Of Blistex:  As I write this, my lips are chapped, and I have absolutely no excuse!

4)  A Mostly Clean Spoon:  I have no idea when I used this last – probably for lunch one day, but that could have been months ago for all I remember.

5)  A Shiny New Quarter:  I could have used this last week when I was a quarter short of being able to buy a Mountain Dew out of the machine. Oh well, I need to cut down on my soda intake anyway.

6)  A Young Fiyah "Fiyahworks" CD:  I ordered this directly from the artist (he's a Christian rapper who I'm "friends" with on Facebook) a few weeks ago, listened to it a few times, then assumed I'd lost it. But there it was all along. Yay!

7)  Fourteen Blank Note Pads:  Most of these I've taken from hotels where we've stayed – you're supposed to take them, right? I'm surprised there were only fourteen of them, to be quite honest.

8)  A Wednesday Night Church Bulletin From Late August:  There were actually several of these in my bag, but this was the oldest of the lot.

9)  A List Of Titles I Brainstormed For Possible Future Stories:  Some of these have potential, I suppose, while others are just bizarre. I mean, really, how interesting can a story called "Matching Socks" possibly be?

10)  A Tattered Receipt From A Bill When We Renewed Our Better Homes And Gardens Subscription:  You can see from the date that I paid it in early February. And yet, we're still not living in a Better Home and we still don't have a Garden to speak of. I think I should ask for my money back.

11)  A Page Of Notes I Took During An Easter Drama Rehearsal:  Must have been a pretty good run-through, as evidenced by my note two-thirds of the way down the page: "I'm not taking any notes 'cuz I'm too busy enjoying this scene – good work, everyone! Just work on the dropped lines here & throughout & you'll be all good!"

12)  A Mostly Empty Package Of Chewing Gum:  I have no idea how old this is, but I'm not taking any chances. To the trash it goes...

13)  My Spare Cell Phone Charger:  Fortunately, my regular cell phone charger hasn't given out yet, so I didn't need this one. But at least I know where it is now if I do need it.

14)  An Old Grocery List:  Ah, I remember it fondly. We ate like royalty that week. Well, like royalty on a much tighter budget. Okay, not exactly like royalty at all. But it sure tasted good.

15)  A Retro-Style Pencil Case:  We bought this "Mr. Bump" pencil case for me to corral my many pens and pencils securely in one place inside my bookbag. I guess I forgot to actually put it to work, because it was empty when I found it.

16)  Approximately Forty-Five Pens And Pencils:  Speaking of all those writing utensils, here they are. About a third of these are now safely ensconced in the above-pictured pencil case. The others are tucked away in a zippered pocket where they can't fall out.

17)  A 2011-2012 Carolina Hurricanes Schedule:  We never went to any of the games. Probably because I'd lost this and we didn't know when they were playing. Also, probably because my wife hates hockey, and I only like it a little bit, and then only in person and never on television.

18)  A Ticket Stub For The Casting Crowns Concert We Went To In March:  If memory serves me, this was at the then-named RBC Center in Raleigh. The opening acts were Lindsay McCaul, Royal Tailor, and Matthew West. Casting Crowns played a lot of songs from their new album, Come To The Well. It was great!

19)  A Donation Receipt From The Salvation Army:  Apparently, there were so many things in this batch that I had to attach a list. Just one of the many Salvation Army runs I made earlier this year as we were trying to de-clutter in preparation to sell our house (which still hasn't sold, but we're hopeful).

20)  A Folder Tab That Reads "Yaktrax/Little Hotties":  I'm not sure where this came from, but if I had to guess, I would say from some folder at my work. I believe Yaktrax is a brand of cold-weather boots, and Little Hotties is a brand of hand-and-foot-warming products, both of which I have written about in the past. The tab must have fallen off a folder and into my open bookbag at some point. Might as well get rid of it – I think it would only serve to confuse my wife and anyone else who might happen to find it in my bag.

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