Saturday, October 20, 2012

More Unfortunate Business Names

I've done posts like this before, though it's been quite a while now. Culled from various places on the Internet, this fresh batch of badly named businesses is sure to elicit a few chuckles. I hope so, at least. Enjoy!

I don't know what they're selling here, but I ain't buying it!

I think we all know how Three Finger Eddie got his nickname, don't we?

Didn't like the fact that you were expecting a baby girl when you
really wanted a boy? No worries! Wait till she's born, then bring her
here. They have just the solution. Hint: It's in the title of the store.

They answer to a higher calling, apparently.

Oh, the irony...

That's what I was thinking about their clothes, too, but I didn't want to say anything.

Flatulent fishermen wouldn't think of shopping anywhere else!

I've heard of this place. Their food is to die for!

Contrary to popular racist opinion, they don't
all taste the same, thank you very much!

Truth in advertising...

Shanghai has a tumor. This shop has the cure. Take advantage
of it, Shanghai! You have too much to live for to give up now!

"The place with cozy nuts dogs"?  No, thank you. I'm not hungry. Or thirsty.

Patty, Pi, and all the other cool kids buy their clothes at Cowpoo.

Their bestselling item is the Arsenic Apple Turnover. Mmm, yummy!

They were going to name the store Treasured Weasel, but they found
out that name was already taken by the candy shop in the food court.

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