Friday, March 8, 2013

15 Interesting Quotes About Donuts

 "I owe it all to little chocolate donuts."
 ~  John Belushi, actor

"Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?" 
 ~  Matt Groening, cartoonist

"I worship scones and danishes. If I never 
had another meal, I wouldn't care as long as 
I could eat pastries and jelly doughnuts."
  ~  Gene Simmons, rock star (KISS)

"When I was growing up in Monrovia, the capital of
Liberia, I sold doughnuts, popcorn, and Kool Aid every
day after school so that my family had some money
and I could pay my school fees. It was a tough life."
  ~  George Weah, Liberian politician

"I always have to have a six-pack or twelve-pack 
of Entenmann's doughnuts in my house, no other brand."
  ~  Victor Cruz, NFL football player

"Be sweet and honest always, but for
God's sake don't eat my doughnuts!"
Emma Bunton, pop star (Spice Girls)

"I served seven years as the chair of the Princeton
economics department where I had responsibility 
for major policy decisions, such as whether to serve
bagels or doughnuts at the department coffee hour."
  ~  Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve chairman

"Now, have I ever been tempted to break into a 
Krispy Kreme doughnut store in the middle of the 
night? Oh, yeah. God help us if I had a mini-bar 
stocked with cheesecake and chicken-fried steak."
  ~  Mike Huckabee, politician

"An actor without a playwright 
is like a hole without a doughnut." 
  ~  George Jean Nathan, drama critic

"I take the no-doughnut pledge, and then I break it."
  ~  Lauren Graham, actress

"I'm an all-things-in-moderation kind of person. 
I do eat a warm donut occasionally. I especially 
enjoy a cider donut when I'm apple picking. 
I don't think there's anything wrong with that."  
~  Rachael Ray, celebrity cook

"I fell in love with Erica Kane the summer before my 
freshman year in high school. Like all red-blooded teen 
American boys, I'd come home from water polo practice 
and eat a box of Entenmann's Pop'Ems donut holes in front
of the TV while obsessively fawning over 'All My Children' 
and Erica, her clothes, and her narcissistic attitude."
  ~  Andy Cohen, television host

"Probably millions of Americans got up this 
morning with a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and a 
donut. No wonder they are sick and fouled up."
  ~  Jack LaLanne, fitness guru

"Between an optimist and pessimist, the difference is droll. 
The optimist sees the doughnut, the pessimist the hole!"
  ~  Oscar Wilde, writer

"I bought a doughnut and they gave me a receipt for
the doughnut. I don't need a receipt for the doughnut. 
I give you money and you give me the doughnut, 
end of transaction. We don't need to bring ink 
and paper into this. I can't imagine a scenario that 
I would have to prove that I bought a doughnut." 
  ~  Mitch Hedberg, comedian

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