Wednesday, March 27, 2013

25 Funny T-Shirts (That I Would Actually Wear!)

"Always Give 100%...Unless You're Donating Blood."  Good advice!

"Bigfoot Is Blurry...That's The Problem."  This explains everything!

"Keep The Change Ya Filthy Animal!"
(Insert obnoxiously evil laugh here.)

"Keep The Dream Alive."  The Alarm Clock: My
Mortal Enemy. The Snooze Button: My Best Friend.

"Dear Algebra, Stop asking us to find your X. She's not
 coming back."  While you're at it, stop asking me Y also.

"I Am Disappointment In You're Grammar."  You're Spelling Ain't Great, Ether.

"Dress For The Job You Want."  I don't think if I could get away with that.

"Either You Like Bacon Or You're Wrong."  Well said. 'Nuff said, in fact.

"With Great Moustache Comes Great Responsibility."  So true, so true. 

"Hello, My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You Killed My Father; Prepare
To Die."  From one of the best comedic fairy tales ever!

"Hold Your Horses. Even Horses Need To Be Held Sometimes."
Hyenas (or Hyena, or Hyenae, or Hyenœ), Do Too, For That Matter.

"Hugz?"  No love for the cactus. Why so prickly?

"If Live Gives You Melons, You May Be Dyslexic."  Or you
may have just scored some free melons. So don't complain!

"If You Believe In Telekinesis, Please Raise My Hand."  Genius!

"Imposter!"  Will the real mouse please stand up? Thank you.

"Kids Today Have No Idea What This Is."  Or why it was ever called
"floppy."  For that matter, I never knew why it was called "floppy."

"I Only Like NY As A Friend."  Until it's "Facebook
official," it means nothing anyway, right?

"Misuse Of 'Literally' Makes Me Figuratively Insane."  Couldn't agree more.

"Moo...I'm A Goat."  And by the time they've figured out
that it's not supposed to make sense, you're long gone!

"My Butt Hurts."  "What?"  Priceless!

"Piñatas: Victims Of Child Abuse."  Are we really teaching our kids that it's OK
to beat someone senseless as long as their insides are filled with candy? #smh

"It's Okay, Pluto. I'm Not A Planet Either."  Heck, I'm not even a dwarf planet!

"Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I Hate Rhyming...Zebra."
If only the shirt had a picture of a zebra, it'd be a sure-fire winner!

"I'm Fine."  It's just a flesh wound.

"The Following Statement Is True. The Previous Statement Is False."
Think about that for a while until your brain explodes. Kaboom!


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