Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Story # 34: "Go Ahead, It's My Birthday"

No, this isn't about me, although today is my birthday. That's what originally gave me the idea, but I'm not this guy in the story. At least I hope I'm not... Enjoy!  ~  JH


Take your best shot – I deserve it. The fact that I'm breathing is reason enough. Today commemorates an injustice to humanity, some fifty-odd years post-trauma. Rail on me, wail on me, decry my existence – I can handle it, and I won't crumble. I understand your position and I'll support your decision. It's my birthday and it may well be my last, for all I know or all you care. Punish me for my crimes as they are numerous, not the least of which is being. I'm no longer fit – if ever I was – to share space on earth with you or others like you. Better yet, bind me, confine me, contain me, and forget me forever – your apathy is more apt a chastisement. But by no means do nothing – I cannot continue burdening my peers. Go ahead and do what you must. I won't fight back. Not anymore.

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